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It is wrong to bear wrong. Everyone should have this justified feeling in their hearts. I just wrote the update of Heroes – The Fightback Files. I am glad that I am covering it. Women are not just a piece of flesh to exploit, they are the ones who give birth to a man. People should remember that and respect women.


Talking about Satyamev Jayate, I don’t think it lived up to the expectation like the first episode – Fighting Rape. The first episode was marvelous and covered the sensitive issue so well. The show is quite popular as it generated a lot of publicity on social networks and TV ads. I personally like Heroes over other weekend shows. Heroes is bringing real stories of women who fought against sexual harassment. We should salute them for their bravery.

I think my words should get cooler now!! We will be ending the current poll (Female Youth Icon Poll under Poll Breeze section) on 10th March 2014 and display the results in evening. Ishq Kills update will be on the site tonight. Thanks for everyone’s wonderful support to our site. Continue supporting!! Continue cataloguing TellyReviews!! We are working for you as the site is yours and you are ours!!


  1. Really Ur site is very helpful. On sundays I get bored due to absence of serials. I am grateful to u for covering non fiction weekend shows. U r quick in giving update.
    Where is RU barus update?

  2. Satyameva jayate is nt only about Womens problem. They r trying to cover other problems too unlike Heroes. But the problem is with the satyameva jayates format too.


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