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Karan welcomes the blockbuster movie Aashiqui stars Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor. The movie broke the box office records and also broke a million hearts. Karan says this is your coffee debut, how does you feel. Aditya and Shraddha say that they wanted to be on the show since long.

Karan: Shraddha’s two movies did not work at box office, and her career stumbled. Then she exploded with mega blockbuster.
Shraddha: I m very happy that Aashiqui 2 came at the right time.
Karan: Were their moments that you gave up.
Shraddha: I properly gave up twice after my two movies, then Aashiqui happened.
Karan: You refused Aurangzeb?
Shraddha: We should not talk about it. Aashiqui was a film which I just had to be part of.
Karan: Do you have an amicable relationship with Aditya.
Shraddha: He is my mentor.
Karan: Whenever I see Wake up Sid, I think of you. You never thought you would have any kind of career, you did many things here and there, now you are a main lead and you are here, are you lucky or its destiny.
Aditya: I want to try to act, and be infront of camera, this was destined to happen. I would not imagine myself doing dance and those things. I used to watch many hindi films and Siddharth is a freak.
Karan: Now Siddharth is the new head hancho of UTV.
Aditya: I ended up watching many hindi films, my mum’s side was always of that.
Karan: I learnt dance from Aditya’s mum’s dancing classes.
Aditya: I never learnt from my mum, but I can dance, I got some rhythm, in me.


Karan: You did supporting parts in movies, and none of it worked either.
Aditya: I did London Dreams to just try it, I don’t regret, I tried acting.
Karan: And then Aashiqui came in your life, it was intense love story.
Shraddha: I did not expect what it did actually, lot of lives changed after it, our lives changed overnight.
Aditya: I felt there is something here that we did not feel before.
Karan: Do you really get drunk for few scenes?
Aditya: I tried it, we packed up one day, those things are important to stop at the right amount.
Karan: What was it like when you first met each other?
Shraddha: We met on the sets of Aashiqui. I thought he was completely crack.
Karan: Do you find him sexy and good looking?
Shraddha: He is very good looking.
Karan: Do you find her attractive?
Aditya: Yes, I feel she is beautiful and attractive.
Karan: When did you fell in love?


Aditya and Shraddha: We are in love. Did you see not our chemistry.
Karan: So you are going to deny it that you are in a relationship but you are in a deep friendship.
Shraddha: Yes, we are really good friends.
Karan: But what happens when constantly something is written about you, do you get amusing about it.
Shraddha: Yes, its amusing, I get shouted on at home.
Karan: Are you scared of your dad?
Shraddha: Sometimes.
Karan: Have you met her parents?
Aditya: Yes I did.
Karan: Have you introduced Shraddha to your parents?
Aditya: Yes, they met at the screening.


Karan: So they were happy that you are good in something, after Aashiqui, so many doors opened for you.
Shraddha and Aditya: Its crazy.
Karan: Is Shraddha a good flirt?
Aditya: I can she can manage.
Shraddha: Who is there to flirt, I don’t think I m a good flirt.
Karan: You have this amazing rapport with Ranbir? Is it a long relationship with him?
Aditya: I m having a long standing affair with Ranbir. We have a lot more. That happened on the sets of Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani.
Karan: Do you feel like living up to your family’s expectations?
Aditya: No, I don’t think so. They wish the best for me.
Karan: I know Siddharth personally.
Karan: Everyone has been in movies from Shraddha’s family, what about you.
Shraddha: I have to live up to their expectation, my dad has done over 700 films. He has become the iconic hindi films villains and comedians, he has carved niche for himself. I m proud of him.
Karan shows a AV of the fans of Aditya and Shraddha where they praise the actors for their performances in Aashiqui 2. Aditya and Shraddha sings the song Tum hi ho from the movie. Karan shows the rapid fire round hamper and asks them to fight for it giving honest replies.


Karan starts with Aditya first.
Karan: What would you ask the following if you were a VJ?
Ranbir and Salman? Aditya: When are you getting married.
Deepika? Aditya: When are you marrying me.
Karan: What would reality shows about the following be called? Ranbir?
Aditya: Bed time stories.
Shahrukh Khan? Aditya: Indian Idol
Vidya Balan? Aditya: Surviving the Roy Kapurs.
Karan: Which movie you wish you would have done?
Aditya: Barfi.
Karan: Have you ever spread a rumor about yourself?
Aditya: No
Karan: Hooked up at a public place?
Aditya: Yes.
Karan: Hit on a co actor?
Aditya: Yes.
Karan: The easiest way to turn up Aditya is?
Aditya: Just show up.
Karan: An idea that changed your life?
Aditya: Let’s try this acting thing.
Karan: The next director you want to work with?
Aditya: Dibakar Banerjee.
Karan: Your favorite actor?
Aditya: Ranbir.

Karan now plays the rapid fire with Shraddha.
Karan: If your Swayamvar was to take place, name three men you would like to compete for you.
Shraddha: Aditya, Shahid and Siddharth.
Karan: An idea that changed your life.
Shraddha: Deciding to do Aashiqui 2.
Karan: An actor you would like to have a romantic dinner date with?
Shraddha: Farhan Akhtar
Karan: Worst criticism you heard about yourself?
Shraddha: Nothing.
Karan: If you were to experiment, who is the one woman you want to get naughty with?
Shraddha: Priyanka Chopra, I m a huge fan of her.
Karan: Your biggest movie crush?
Shraddha: Hrithik.
Karan: The next director you would like to work with?
Shraddha: Sanjay Leela Bhansali.
The rapid fire round ends and Karan is proud to announce the winner. Aditya wins the rapid fire round. Karan takes them ahead with the coffee quiz which is based on the Bollywood trivia. Aditya wins the coffee quiz too and it was a tough competition between them. Karan thanks them for coming and wishes them happiness. Aditya and Shraddha share their experience on the show and signs the coffee mugs.




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