Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th March 2014 Written Update (Ahem- Gopi Wedding special)


Kids plan to stop the wedding of Ahem with Radha. They discuss their plan with Vidya. Rashi helps him in their mission. She asks Vidya to make Gopi drink the water containing the sleeping pills. Gopi drinks the water and feels dizziness. Gopi is approaching towards the temple with Vidya. Rashi gets tensed as Gopi is still conscious and the family members will see Gopi. Suddenly Gopi gets unconscious. Rashi rushes to her help and thanks Kanha ji for saving the situation. She covers Gopi’s head in the nick of time.



Kokila turns but doesn’t see her face. Rasha thanks Kanha ji. While Radha who is locked in the room by the kids tries to free herself. Rashi brings unconscious Gopi to the marriage altar. Hetal asks her, what did you wear? This is not the dress which we had given you. Rashi says, she has chosen to wear the dress of her choice. God knows, what she will do after her marriage. She makes Gopi sit beside Ahem for marriage. Everyone look at the veiled bride. Ahem recalls his marriage with Gopi. Kids are happy. Dadi sees Vidya and wonders who is she? Radha free herself and thinks to punish the kids.


Panditji starts reciting the mantras. Kinjal is still standing outside the loo. She tells Pappa that marriage rituals have started. Pappu comes out and runs. Urmila gets angry at Rashi for bringing Radha to the marriage altar. She thinks, the bride is Radha. Panditji asks them to do the gatbandan. Hetal asks Kinjal to do the gatbandhan. Radha knocks on the locked door. She comes out of the room through the window and thinks she is a step ahead of the kids.


Panditji asks them to stand for pheras. Rashi supports Gopi and makes her stand. Kokila gets suspicious and asks Panditji to stop. She asks Rashi, why you are supporting her during rounds and asks her to stand far. Urmila thinks, why Rashi is standing close to Radha? Rashi says, Radha is feeling weak so I am just supporting her. Panditji says, if the bride is not well then Rashi can support her. Kokila agrees. Radha thinks, no one can stop her wedding with Ahem.

Ahem and Gopi take the pheras…………Saath Nibhana Saathiya plays…………………………….Ahem sees Vidya standing far. Kokila too see her. Vidya smiles. Everyone shower flower petals on them. Kokila prays for Ahem’s happiness. Radha is running to reach to the temple. A bull starts following her. Radha runs. Narayani Namasthute plays…………………..Panditji asks the bride to come in the front for the remaining three pheras. Urmila stands shocked and disgusted. They complete the 7 pheras.

Panditji declares that pheras are complete and asks them to sit for further rituals. Radha runs and falls down. Bull is about to kick her but she is saved by the bull owner. Radha thinks, she came far from the temple. Panditji asks Ahem to make the bride wear mangalsutra. Mohan Girdhari plays………………………………..Ahem looks at Kokila and then ties the mangalsutra round her neck.


Panditji asks him to fill her maang with sindoor. Ahem takes a pinch of sindoor and stops. Radha rushes to the temple. Ahem is about to put sindoor in Gopi’s maang oblivious to her presence. Radha comes and shouts to stop the wedding. Sindoor falls from Ahem’s fingers on Gopi’s maang.


Everyone turn and see Radha standing.Everyone are shocked. Urmila says, if Radha is here, then who is the bride. Ahem sees Gopi’s face. Gopi comes into her senses. Everyone look at her with mixed emotions. Gopi opens her eyes and see Ahem. Saath Nibhana Saathiya music plays……………………Rashi gets tensed. Gopi feels the hangover. She stands and sees Ahem.


Next Episode: Kokila tells her not to act innocent and she knows that it was a well played drama. Vidya says, I am seeing that you are shouting at my mom. Kokila is shocked. Gopi says, she is our daughter.


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