Boys to turn up as girls in Shraddha’s Bachelor Party in Meri Bhabhi

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While everyone might be thinking when and how will Kunal prove his innocence, there is a good news for all. Kunal meets Nisha though she tries to stick to him by hugging him and showing her love, he knows that he has no connection with her in the past and even in the future. Kunal asks Nisha why did she spread the fake rumor of their affair. Kunal makes sure that he proves himself innocent by meeting Nisha. He makes her spell out the truth that he is not the father of her aborted baby. Nisha tells out her plan and Shraddha and Kittu hear the truth.

Obviously Shraddha will be very happy as she already knew it he was innocent. The Shergill family will be happy to get the facts clear. Soon after that, Shraddha’s Bachelor Party will be shown where the females will be having a blast. The boys can’t stop themselves from going there and Kunal makes an idea with Shraddha’s brothers that they should also be a part of it. They dress up like girls and are caught by everyone. Though they look cute, but are not pardoned. They are asked to make the party wild by their dance moves. They perform for their wives and others to get applauded. The women burst into laughter seeing them. It is going to be a crazy scene. Watch out!!





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