Shivani promises Sumitra to win over Raghu in Zee TV's Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se



As you all know that Shivani comes to Raghu’s house leaving behind her everything. She gives her property and money in charity to become equal to Raghu’s status. She sacrificed so much to get Raghu’s love. She comes to his house with Bella’s help and gets everyone’s acceptance. She dreams of spending her rest of her life with Raghu happily in his house.


She gets dressed as a bride and surprises him. Raghu had left her haveli as he thought he is not suitable to Shivani in anyway. He thinks of her as his Malkin only. Although he cares for her but doesn’t acknowledges his love.

Shivani dreams gets shattered when Raghu brings in Sumitra. Everyone get shocked. Raghu tells everyone that he has promised Sumitra of marriage. Shivani gets taken aback. Raghu asks her to go back to her haveli. Shivani tells him that she has left her everything to be with him. Raghu gets surprised. Baburaam and his family get shocked as their dreams have shattered. Bella tells everyone that Shivani did a big sacrificed for Raghu. She supports Shivani and asks Raghu not to let Shivani go from his life. Sumitra came back in her life with a plan. She plans to snatch Raghu from Shivani and his family.

Raghu asks Sumitra and Shivani to share the room as Shivani doesn’t have any place to go. So both the ladies are fighting for Raghu now. Sumitra lies to Raghu about Bella. This makes Shivani suspicious. When Shivani questions Sumitra why she lied to Raghu about Bella, Sumitra insults her badly and warns her not to come between her and Raghu. She tells her that she will get Raghu in one month’s time. Shivani promises her that Raghu will be her’s always and her dream would remain a dream always. Shivani promises her to protect her family and Raghu from her evil plans and intentions. Sumitra is on revenge spree, while Shivani thinks for Raghu’s happiness. It is yet to be seen how Raghu realizes his love for Shivani. Keep reading to know more.


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