Adi and Pankhudi return from Australia in Star Plus' Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

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Adi and Pankhudi goes to Australia along with the newly weds Rubel and Payal for the impending honeymoon. While honeymoon was not the only thing in their mind, but their mission was to search Purushottam Deewan’s sister in law Anisha James Waterson. Both of the couple try to search for Anisha and meanwhile roam on the streets of Australia. They enjoy the trip a lot.

Pankhudi and Payal meet Anisha through Kaira’s fiancee Varun. Adi and Rubel come to know about Varun’s presence in Australia. Varun tells them that Anisha is like a mother to him and he wanted to clear his confusions about marriage so that’s why came to Australia to have a word with his Anny.

Adi and the rest of the guys and gals tries to convince Anisha to come back to India and attend Kaira’s wedding. Anisha refuses to attend the wedding and also tells them about the hatred she had for Deewan’s. She agrees on Varun’s insistence. They come back to India and tell their families about their meeting with Anisha and Varun. This comes as a surprise to the family as Varun was supposed to be in Chennai. Kaira takes it sportingly and doesn’t make an issue. Stay tuned or keep reading at

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