Pooja’s truth revealed, Jai to woo Kanno again in Ek Ghar Banaunga

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Pooja’s truth has been out by Poonam. Poonam with the help of Akash and Kanno, comes to know everything about Pooja and her mum Usha. Usha and Pooja are caught by the police and to get arrested. Usha puts all the blame on Pooja. Pooja is shocked to see the real face of her mum and tells everyone that her mum made her do all this for the sake of money.

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Pooja apologizes to Jai and tells him that she has fooled him in fake love, and tells him that she is not pregnant with his child. Jai is shaken knowing it and realizes his mistake that he has cheated Kanno by having an affair with Pooja. Everyone ask Jai to apologize to Kanno and make a new start with love. Jai on the eve of Holi sings and dances to woo Kanno. The Holi celebrations will be bringing them closer for sure, as Akash and Poonam will br trying for that. Keep watching the show!!





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