Heroes – The Fightback Files 16th March 2014 Channel V *4th Episode* Written Update

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Riya, 19 yr old from Delhi tells her incident that happened on the day of Holi. She was not excited for Holi. Her mum woke her up in the morning and her friends popped up at her home to wish her happy holi. Riya tells them that she does not want to come and play, but they insist and she agrees. Her best friend of 8 years Archana was the one with whom she shared a great bond. They started playing Holi and she enjoyed. Vinay was Riya’s ex boyfriend and they greeted each other casually.

Riya and her gang of friends left in a car and some drunk men followed them and Riya was hurt by them. Vinay got concerned for her. Mihir, their other friend comes to play holi and joins the gang. The Holi celebrations begin at the Holi party with the song Balam Pichkari playing…….. Riya dances with her friends. She starts feeling dizzy and she feels she read original updates only on tellyreviews has been drunk. She asks Praveen did he mix Bhaang in Bhujiya. He says yes. Riya gets furious on him. Mihir introduces his friends to Riya to apply her color against her wish. Riya pushes them getting angry on them.


Riya tells Archana that she is going loo. Archana says the lock is faulty, take someone with you so that they can stand outside. Riya takes Archana’s brother Ashwin with her. She goes to the loo and Ashwin waits outside. Someone enters the loo and applies Holi on her face scaring her to the core and tearing her clothes. Riya is in a state of shock and she did not know who was he. She cries and comes out. She could not digest what happened with her. She felt helpless and tried to find Archana.

She saw Vinay and Archana together kissing and got hurt seeing them. Ashwin says I m sorry, it was Praveen who made me go away from the loo. She left the place and came home. She realized what happened with her. Her mum asks her why is she worried. Riya tells her parents that she went with Archana to play Holi in Vinay’s society, I went to loo and someone molested me. Her parents are shocked. She says I couldn’t see his face as he has thrown color in my eyes. She tells her dad that Vinay’s friend has teased her and she thinks he has molested her. She says we should go there and catch him. Her dad scolds her for taking such risk and going to Vinay’s society. He says its your mistake.

Riya says how can it be my mistake. He says you were careless. She says I will teach that man a lesson. She was shocked as her dad not supported and blames her for this. She decides to find out who was that man and why he did this, and she will take revenge from him. She thinks of going to Vinay’s society again and find out. She takes the help of the watchman and checks the CCTV footage. He tells him everything how she got molested by someone. He says we don’t know how to handle the footage and we can’t give you permission.

She asks him to take the permission of the chairman. She meets the chairman who was Vinay’s dad. She tells him everything and he helps her. They check the video footage. She was shocked to see that it was Mihir, not Praveen. Mihir was Vinay’s cousin. He was related to Vinay’s dad also and he was shocked to see that Mihir is the culprit.

Riya gets a call from her dad and she goes to talk. In that time, Vinay’s dad deletes the footage to save Mihir. She tells her dad that I came to know who did that and I will not spare him. Riya comes to know that the footage is deleted and is shattered. She cries and asks the watchman about it. He tells her that Vinay’s dad has deleted it and he can’t help her as he can’t risk his job as he told him to be quiet else he will be fired. He says don’t worry, I m with you, we will tell everyone that Mihir has molested you. Riya comes to Mihir’s house and scolds him slapping him. Mihir acts innocent.

Riya beats him in his house. Mihir’s parents comes to Mihir’s rescue. Riya tells them everything what Mihir did. Mihir says she is lying, I did not molest her. Mihir’s dad asks for proof. Riya says I have the CCTV footage. Mihir gets tensed. Mihir’s dad says show me the footage. Riya says I can’t show you that. She says Vinay’s dad, your brother has deleted it read original and quick updates only on tellyreviews after seeing that footage. Mihir’s dad laughs on her. He says do you think you will blame my son and I will believe you. She says I m saying the truth. Mihir’s dad asks her to get out.

Riya asks the watchman to tell them everything as he was the witness. The watchman speaks against Mihir and gets scolded by Mihir’s dad. Mihir smiles. Riya gets more determined to punish Mihir. She is kicked out of Mihir’s house by his dad. She says I will tell this to everyone, just wait and watch, see what I do with you. Vinay comes and asks whats going on. Riya says go and ask your dad. She says Mihir molested her in the loo. Vinay is shocked.

Vinay says why did you not tell us. He says we will help you, you should have told us. Riya felt her friends will help her so she told them everything about Mihir. Vinay says he is my brother. The watchman says Riya is right, it was Mihir. She tells them that Vinay’s dad deleted the footage. Vinay is ashamed. Praveen says we have to do something. Riya smiles as Vinay gives her a steel rod to break Mihir’s car. She breaks the glasses and Mihir comes out. Praveen beats Mihir. Mihir tries to take Vinay’s support but Vinay supports Riya. Riya controls her anger.

Mihir’s parents come to support Mihir. Vinay tells them that if you want proof, we can show you. Vinay shows them the nail marks which Riya made on Mihir’s body when she tried to free herself. Riya tells Mihir what did he think, he will molest her and she will be quiet. She says no, I won’t be quiet, no girl is weak to bear this. All the society people come and see the reality. Vinay’s dad comes and is ashamed of all this. Riya had confidence to fight and face the problems. Mihir and his family has to leave the society losing their respect. Riya requests every girl to raise their voice against injustice and abuse. We all need to be our own heroes!!

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  1. Rainbow Avatar

    Best show..
    Eventhough Riyas family didnt support her, her friends supported her. Every girl was prevented from being strong by family. Family tries to hide these molestations, which are making guys to do these things, Not girl, boy should be ashamed of doing these things. Girl is not at all in fault.

  2. Lov Avatar

    Who played role of archana

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