Aditi's plans against Astha, mixes acid in holi colors in Star Plus' Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2

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Shlok saved Astha from the fire. Astha smiles looking at him. Astha does face painting on Shlok’s face and makes him look like a devil. Kaka comes and laughs looking at him. Shlok is unaware of the painting on his face. Astha prays to God for Shlok’s happiness. Astha plans to wear shirt shalwar like Swati. She thinks to fill colors in shlok’s life. She thinks to become like Swati so that Shlok forgets Swati completely.

Jyoti comes with Abhay and bua. Abhay gives the good news. Everyone get happy. Jyoti tries to talk to Astha but couldn’t because of Abhay. Anjali drinks the bhaang and dances with the people. Niranjan gets angry. Anjali throws color on him making him more annoyed.

Astha gets dressed as Swati and comes to apply color on Shlok. She sees him dancing. Abhay’s bua makes her drink the bhaang. Astha gets drunk and thinks to speak her heart out to Shlok. She shouts and says I love you Mr. Shlok Agnihotri. Aditi looks at her and says you won’t succeed in your love. She mixes acid in the colors and thinks to see how her love wins. Astha applies color on Shlok. Shlok runs after her and takes acid thali from Aditi’s hand and throws colors on her. Keep reading to know what happens next.


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