Ahem and Gopi meet Meera in the temple and feel connected in Star Plus' Saath Nibhana Saathiya

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After Ahem and Gopi’s wedding. Kokila and Ahem are angry with Gopi for hiding the truth about Vidya. Vidya is the reflection of Kokila. Ahem takes Vidya with him, Gopi is shattered and decides to get her daughter. She reaches Modi Bhavan, but she is stopped to enter the house. Kokila tells Gopi that she won’t allow her to stay at the Modi Bhavan.

Vidya goes missing from the house. Ahem and Gopi searches for her. Gopi finds Vidya and takes her. Later Ahem takes Vidya but she runs away. Panditji calls Ahem and tells him about Vidya in the mandir. Meera takes care of Vidya, oblivious to their relation. Gopi comes there followed by Ahem.

Vidya tells her that Meera/Gauri took care of her. Gopi hugs her daughters. Ahem recollects to meet her before. Meera talks like Gopi. She has Gopi’s values, although she is seperated from her in the childhood, but blood speaks. Gopi and Ahem feel some connection with Gauri. Will they find out the truth about Meera being alive and leading a poor life? Keep reading.



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One response to “Ahem and Gopi meet Meera in the temple and feel connected in Star Plus' Saath Nibhana Saathiya”

  1. pari Avatar

    great!!!hope so that ahem and gopi would soon come to know that gauri is non other than their own daughter meera.waiting for that epsd and what hppnd to kokila,she always supported her dil and also loved her.but good days will come soon.

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