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Hi everyone! Not finding time to write blogs these days. Our work at DTB has increased. Hence, we are not able to give full time to this site. But we promise it will still be refreshing. We serve DTB also and the time management is becoming somewhat tough. This site is dear to us as it is not from the pipeline but from the heart…. LOL!!

I have seen that other telly sites update weekly, like 5-10 articles on weekly basis including spoilers, reviews and everything. Our ratios are fairly high. We keep adding posts on a daily basis, and it has been a couple of days when we got really busy and posted less. But thanks to all, the stats are good. I just want to say that the data ingress will not be slow. Keep reading!! Keep TellyReviewing!!





3 responses to “TellyReviews @ 11.35 PM IST:”

  1. pari Avatar

    we can understand ur issues!!ur every update is really very enjoyable.we can see ur hardwork and im really thankful for keeping us entertained through ur every posts @tellyreview rocks….

  2. discover Avatar

    no worries yar..whatever u r dng ryt nw is a fab job..

  3. Rainbow Avatar

    We know that u r trying ur best for this site.
    Keep It up n lets hope u ll get enough time to spare for this site

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