Ishita to find Simmi in a hotel in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



Simmi has been hiding the fact that she and her husband Parmeet are not in Dubai, but in the same city. Ishita sees her in the market and thinks she is mistaken. She then sees Simmi’s mobile number in a register at a mobile phone repair shop. She thinks what is the mystery. As Simmi states she is in Dubai and the entire family believes her. Ishita has some doubt and tells Mrs. Bhalla about it.


Mrs. Bhalla thinks Ishita is always after Raman and Simmi and needs no reason to show them down. She does not believe Ishita and says Simmi is really in Dubai. Ishita calls Simmi’s number and the unavailable announcement she gets is in hindi. Ishita spots Simmi again with Parmeet at a hotel and tackles them down with her questions. She asks Simmi why is she in the city and why did she lie to the family. What will be Simmi’s reply? Stay tuned.



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