Ishq Kills 23rd March 2014 Episode 6 Promo


The story starts with a voiceover with Kavita holding the gun against her husband (Randhir), and then a gunshot is heard killing one of them with his step-daughter as the witness of the crime. The scene goes into flashback where Kavita’s daughter Sonia from an another marriage meets Kavita’s husband -Randhir (her step-father) for the first time. Sonia joins and come to stay with her mother after many years of seperation. It is then seen that Sonia is drinking excessively on the terrace and is noticed by Randhir, and he asks her about some snatch marks to which she responds that her step-brother has tried to physically harassed her.

Kavita’s husband goes and warns the step-brother. Sooner then, both Sonia and her step-father Randhir starts developing a love relationship. Sonia’s father (Ashok) comes to take her home but she declines. In the ensuing scene, Ashok is strangulated by Randhir and is killed. With time, the love between Sonia and Randhir becomes stronger, and when Kavita knows about it she becomes furious at Sonia and Randhir. Thereafter, Kavita tells Randhir to leave the house at the earliest, but he replies that to whoever he makes his own, he can do anything for that. Finally, the first scene of Kavita holding the gun is re-played followed by both fighting for the gun. Later on, a gunshot is heard killing one of them. Stay tuned to Ishq Kills on 23rd March (Sunday) at 10 pm IST or Keep reading at TellyReviews !




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