Dipika announces her fake pregnancy knowing about Dhara’s pregnancy; Jai held responsible in Sanskaar



After Jai spent one night with Dhara, the viewers were waiting for the pregnancy drama and here it is. During the Holi celebrations, Dhara gets vomiting sensation and comes to know that she is pregnant. Dipika sees her and hears her talking to her doctor who confirms Dhara is pregnant. Dipika soon plans her fake pregnancy reports and declares that she is pregnant. Before Dhara could share the news with Jai, Dipika fools Jai.


Jai tells his family that he is responsible for Dipika’s pregnancy. The whole family is in a state of shock and especially Dhara. She understands that Dipika lied to Jai. Dhara steps back and does not tell Jai the truth as she has promised to give Jai back to Dipika. Dipika finally wins Jai’s concern with her drama. On the other hand, Dipika is also trying to prove to the family that Dhara is becoming mad thinking a lot about Jai’s safety. Poor Dhara is trapped by both ways? Will Jai be able to see the evil side of Dipika? Keep guessing!!



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