Koffee with Karan Season 4: Zoya Akhtar and Rohit Shetty 23rd March 2014 Episode 17 Written Update

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Karan introduces Zoya Akhtar by saying – daughter of legendary writer (Javed Akhtar), a sister of well known director/actor (Farhan Akhtar), 2 featured films that created cult status and a childhood friend who is also a movie buff.

Karan: How does she combats the perception of a filmmaker with legs, makeup, fashion? Have you ever used sexuality in a men’s film industry referring to Bollywood ?

Zoya: I am women and need to do makeup, etc, its normal. I never got unwanted attention and was recognized as Javed Akhtar’s daughter. It is a man’s world in any field so there is no reason to compare.

Karan: Why does you got tough times in casting people for your movies – Luck by Chance, Zindagi na milegi dobaara..

Zoya: I write ensemble films and do not write single pair love stories which would be easier. She cites that she like Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayenge (DDLJ) but its not the most favourite. She always follows what next with her movies and moves on..

Karan then introduces ace director Rohit shetty by saying – commercially viable and popular with mainstream ethos director.

Karan: You made Chennai express last year and it made 200 crores ? He asks Zoya that you have appreciated Chennai express and have fun things to say ?

Zoya: You have to believe to make a film – even commercial movie. She cannot make such a movie as it does come organically to her. She finds Chennai express to have manmohan desai style of filmmaking and thus loves it.

Karan asks Rohit, How does he thinks of Zoya’s work ?
Rohit: Zindagi na milegi dobara is his favourite..

Karan: Asks Zoya about her disappointment when Luck by Chance didn’t do well. Also, asks them on critical acclaim and film critics..

Zoya: She has taken things in her stride and comments that critics don’t review the craft of filmmaking as they only see stories. On top of that, they also evaluate stories on a film-by film basis which is unfair, they do no have coherent strategy to evaluate even stories. Also tells that everyone is a box office analyst and only audience needs to respond and appreciate the work.


Rohit: He says he enjoys getting even 1 1/5 out of 5 from critics, and thinks critics are much in awe of Hollywood movies

Karan: People asks questions like did you make 100 crores?

Rohit: It is more of a silver jubilee term (100 days completion) and he will never himself tell to people that his movies are making 100 crores. Only the media keeps asking these questions as they don’t know what more to ask..

Karan: Media banter: Shahrukh or Ajay ? Territorial, level of insecurity among actors ..
Rohit: I don’t reply to them. He tells that before it was about emotions. He got the first break with Ajay and got the set-up. Karan responds that Shah Rukh Khan has helped him at the start immensely.

Zoya: She says that she likes Excel entertainment as producers and owes allegiance only to her work and not anyone else. She cites an example where she might cast SRK for a movie instead of other actors whom she casted in her past movies.

Karan: How hard to cast an ensemble with many actors ?

Rohit: It was happening many years ago, but at that time the lead actors- Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor used to do 10 movies at a time and even they share very good emotional bond. As of now, people are more practical rather emotional. Today, people gets in touch with trade analysts to know other movies fate.

Zoya: She says that she never called trade analysts about other movies, and even people was referring to her movie Zindagi na milegi dobara – Spain tourism and suggesting her to shorten the country and road scenes..

Karan then starts the rapid fire round first with Zoya:

Karan: Who would you tale if you are a private investigator?
Zoya: Bhushan Kumar

Karan: Over-rated movie in last 2 years? Irritating song ? under-rated actor ?
Zoya: Vicky Donor; Badtameez Dil from Yeh Jaawani hain deewani; Saif Ali Khan

Karan: ridiculous lyrics? worst remake ?
Zoya: Everybody does it, and you can do it Too from Karan’s movie: Romeo & Juliet should be left.

Karan: Choose the people with whom you want to: Kill, Marry, Hookup
Ranbir, Ranveer, and Shahid Kapoor

Zoya: I don’t want to go to jail for killing, definitely not marrying them, so what remains is hooking up with them.

Karan: romantic date ?
Zoya: She says it should be with you-karan. She tells that for so many years she is trying to woo him, but he dumped her for Ekta Kapoor.

Karan: One thing a man should know about women, but they don’t?
Zoya: They should know No means No..

Karan: Idea that changed your life ?, Experiment with actress, things with ?
Zoya: Making movies; Kangana Ranaut

Karan: Sexiest actor; favorite director
Zoya: Saif Ali Khan; Anand Gandhi (director of Ship of Theseus)

Karan: Choose one from stunning actress: Deepika, Kareena, Katrina
Zoya: Deepika

Karan: Rank them by their acting talent/verstality (women) – Deepika, Katrina, Kareena, Anushka, Priyanka
Zoya: Priyanka, Kareena, Anushka, Deepika, Katrina

Karan: Rank them by their acting talent/verstality (Men) – Ranbir, Hrithik, SRK, Salman, Aamir
Zoya: Ranbir, Hrithik, Aamir, SRK, and Salman

Karan moves on and starts the rapid fire round with Rohit:

Karan: actress that you like ?
Rohit: Deepika Padukone

Karan: What would these actors would have been if they weren’t actors ?
SRK; Deepika; Kareena Kapoor
Rohit: SRK – sportsman; Deepika- National level badminton player; Kareena Kapoor – Writing Gossip columns with a fake name like chikni chameli

Karan: movie that does not deserve a sequel?
Rohit: Satya

Karan: A person that needs the following:
work out; chill out; get out
Rohit: Abhishek Bachchan – work out; Karan – Chill out; Many of them – get out

Karan: What you would do if you are stuck in an island with SRK and Salman?
Rohit: make bat balls

Karan: Promising director; Favorite director
Rohit: Ayaan Mukherji; Raju Hirani

Karan: the idea that changed your life ?
Rohit: Making Golmaal

Karan: Brighter future among actors- Arjun, Ayushmaan, Varun, Aditya, Siddharth
Rohit: Arjun and Varun

Karan: Parineeti or Alia?
Rohit: Parineeti

Karan: Most stunning actress – Deepika, Katrina, Kareena
Rohit: Deepika

Karan: Rank them by acting talent (women) – Deepika, Anushka, Katrina, Kareena, Priyanka
Rohit: Kareena, Deepika, Priyanka, Anushka, Katrina

Karan: Rank them by acting talent (men) – Ranbir, Aamir, Hrithik, SRK, Salman
Rohit: SRK, Ranbir, Aamir, Hrithik, Salman

Rohit jokes that Zoya took much time in answering rapid fire and compares it to reading a script from a movie like Lunchbox..

Karan shows an AV to lighten the scene with many actors speaking.

Kalki Koechlin: She says Zoya has really arrived and is amazing. She talks about Zoya’s dedication and care towards her actors and also how some scenes takes 20 takes plus one additional for safety.

Abhay Deol: She is annoyingly correct and does not let him argue though he argues a lot..

Tusshar Kapoor: He jokingly tells to Rohit that he played deaf and mute in his past movies, and he and others have helped Rohit to reach the current position (200 crore director). He wishes to be cast by Rohit in a non-Golmaal movie so atleast he can talk and act in a movie.

Farhan Akhtar: Farhan says that Zoya is a fine director/writer and he is very proud about her. You are even a successful director but please return my calls so we speak on her next movie.

Deepika Padukone: Rohit has simplicity which many people don’t know. He is extremely hardworking and a team player.

Ajay Devgn: Ajay says that he knows Rohit since 20 or 22 years. Rohit is like a family to him. Also tells that Rohit does lot of hardwork. He also tells people who used to abuse Rohit’s past work are now signing him as director for their movies..

The rapid fire round ends. Karan announces the winner of the rapid-fire round, and the winner by a close margin is Rohit Shetty, and Rohit gets a Koffee hamper from Karan.

Finally, Koffee quiz with bollywood trivia is played. One interesting comment about Koffee quiz was about the movie Hum Aaapke Hain Kaun (HAHK). Karan asks both Rohit and Zoya about the name of the dog in the movie HAHK, but they don’t answer correctly. Karan shares that he has seen HAHK movie 16 times and the dog’s name is Tuffy. Moving on, the result of the quiz is a Tie.

Karan gives the quiz hamper to both of them. Karan thanks them for coming and wishes them happiness. The show ends with both Zoya and Rohit signing off by signing the koffee mugs.

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