Nadaan Parindey starts from 7th April on Life Ok – New Promos

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The promo begins with a voiceover that says Sameer who is seen playing Goti (kancha, marbles) always used to keep vision and aim for the target but most of the time used to miss the target. Then something happened by which he got the ability to hit the target with utmost accuracy and he changed a lot. Sameer is then seen shooting glass bottles with a gun. If you want to know more how Sameer got this big change, stay tuned to watch Nadaan Parindey which starts from 7th April and telecast times are 6:30 PM and 9 PM IST on Life Ok.

There is another promo of Nadaan Parindey which sheds more light on the story of Sameer’s life and family.

The story starts in a border town in Punjab. It is seen that Sameer is forcibly waken up by his friend – Meher by pouring water on him while he was asleep. She tells him that he is very lazy and should do some work instead of sleeping and snoring. Sameer replies that he was born to do all not-so important things. The scene moves to his mother, who says that Sameer should work at his family Dhaba(roadside restaurant). Meher suggests to Sameer’s mother that in this entire town he only listens to her. Next, his mother says if Sameer was self-capable then Meher would have been his daughter-in law by now. In the ensuing scene, it is shown that a conspiracy is getting hatched to kidnap Sameer who is on his way to Jalandhar. Finally, Sameer is then seen leaving his parents and going in a military van.


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