Zoya's search ends as she meets her father Gaffur finally in Zee TV's Qubool Hai


Zoya’s search for her father is going to end as Gaffur called Zoya and asked her to meet her abbu at the dargah’s urs. Zoya thinks how to go there as she has to take care of Rashid. Zoya comes to the urs and is shocked to see Gaffur as her father. Gaffur forwards his hand to hug her and says my daughter. Zoya hugs him and calls him Abbu. He hugs her emotionally. Razia eyes them with evil intentions from the distance and says one last sin. She points the gun on Zoya. Stay tuned to watch the episode on 27th March 2014.

[dailymotion id=k5I94YvCki12JA6kzFQ]




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