Ishq Kills 30th March 2014 Episode 7 Promo – Passionate love turns deadly

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The story is about two women who are passionately in love with the same man. The man’s name is Rudra and one women tells other women- Meena that Rudra does not love her and on the contrary loves her even after Meena’s presence in his life. Then, a murder takes place which haunts one of them. The story is about the fight and agony about two women who wants the same man, and the love turning deadly. Stay tuned to ‘ Ishq Kills’, this Sunday at 10 PM IST only on STAR Plus.

The Youtube promo is made private by Star Plus and hence not active now..

Note: Ishq kills today’s episode was different than what was promised in this promo.



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4 responses to “Ishq Kills 30th March 2014 Episode 7 Promo – Passionate love turns deadly”

  1. Rainbow Avatar

    Thanks for giving the promo.
    A request is der. If u have tym can u follow “Halla Bol”. I know tat its format is same as Heroes.

    1. tellyreviews Avatar

      Hi Rainbow, Thanks for your suggestion about ‘hALLA BOL’, we hope to cover it !

    2. tellyreviews Avatar

      Hi Rainbow, we just now cover the latest episode of hALLA BOL (yesterday’s). You can find it on our homepage or Bindass category. We hope to cover some old episodes of halla Bol and also will follow the upcoming ones. Greetings !

      1. Rainbow Avatar

        Thnx a lot taking my suggestion into consideration

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