Kunal and Shraddha finally married in Meri Bhabhi

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Kunal and Shraddha’s love succeeded and reached their destination of marriage. Kamini manipulated things a lot by keeping a condition to Shraddha that she will have to leave Dhruv at her parents’ house and come with Kunal. Kunal was shocked to know this and made a plan with Kittu to fool Kamini. They fool Kamini saying Shraddha accepted her condition and will not take Dhruv along with her. Kamini gets angry as her plan is not working.

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The marriage takes place peacefully. Dhruv looks on thinking Shraddha and Kunal will leave him. Shraddha tells Dhruv that she will never leave him and he should trust her. Dhruv tells her what Kamini told him. Shraddha pacifies him and promises him that he will always be with her. What will Kamini react seeing Dhruv at her home. We expect her to accept Dhruv soon as only few weeks left for the show to end. All should end well and happily!!

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  1. Rainbow Avatar

    As the show is going to end, all will be well

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