Halla Bol 28th March 2014 "5th Episode" Bindass Written Update

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Karan Tacker tells about the crimes against women and how women’s fight back and stands up against the crime.

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Theme of this Episode: Revenge rape

This episode’s story is about Swati Kohli, a medical college student. In the college, Swati’s friends speaks about US scholarship result that will be out on notice board soon.

It is seen then that Swati won this scholarship and she is jubiliant and happy. The dean tells that there was tough competition between her and Arjun for this scholarship. Swati tells Arjun that he was good with a smile but Arjun is seen not able to tolerate this lost to a girl. Swati’s friends start harrassing Arjun a bit on his loss and praising Swati on her win. After hearing this Arjun becomes more annoyed and also some of his friends adds more fuel to his anger.

Sooner then, Swati and friends are seen partying in a disco for a seniors farewell party, and Arjun is also present there and eyes Swati with bad intentions. One of Arjun’s friends – krishnan says it is ok that Swati won, Arjun replies that he will show now what he can do to her so that there will be no comparison. Some other friend gives him some drugs to mix in a soft drink so the plan is to intoxicate Swati and commit some crime. Arjun goes to Swati and apologizes her citing reasons why he was upset earlier. Both converses a bit, and then he offers Swati a soft drink laced with the drug. Swati accepts it with some hesitation and drinks following which she becomes intoxicated and starts to loose her senses. Arjun’s crime plan works and then he takes her away in that condition while the party is still going on. Swati’s friends does not look for her thinking she may be in the resting room.

Arjun takes Swati to some place- boy’s hostel and she asks where is he taking to her . Sooner, Arjun carries her to a room and physically assaults her amounting to rape and also takes some private photos of her. He speaks to her that she was jumping so high on getting the scholarship and now she will see what has happened to her.

Swati is then seen outside in the college campus and wakes up. Other college students sees her in that condition with marks on her body. She soon realizes what has happened to her last night after seeing body marks and cries alone.

Karan Tacker (the host) says: What Arjun got after doing this to Swati?
What gives us the right to violate a girl ? Swati does not have a idea who did this ? She wants to know who did this crime?

Swati consults a doctor who confirms that she was raped and even the culprit used protection so not to leave evidence to prove rape. Swati tells to doctor that she did not remember anything. The doctor also reveals that her blood stream suggests drug presence that causes temporary memory loss. The doctor offers her help and suggest her to complain to the police. Swati is heart-broken and goes to the same disco where she went last night and starts recalling. After that, she goes to boy’s hostel and recalls the night scene with Arjun carrying her to his hostel room and sooner then she recalls the full scene of Arjun from the start to the crime moment. Arjun is seeing laughing with his friends on her. She confronts him and says how could he do this to her? He chides her. She says he drugged her, and then.. stops. Arjun says he does not know anything.. and warns that she will complain. Arjun confronts to her and shows private photos of her that he took. He tells her to complain to whoever she wants to. And warns that he will distribute the pics and video on the internet if she dares to go ahead and complain about him.


Karan Tacker (the host): Swati didn’t go to police as she didn’t have evidence against Arjun, and also her reputation was at stake since Arjun has private photos.

Later on in the college, Arjun is seen harassing Swati more often by sending her private photos, and Swati starts to loose her focus on academics and exams. Swati now tries to run away from studies. The exam results arrive and Arjun tops the class while Swati fails the exam. Swati’s friends are in shock and wants to know the reason from Swati about her failure. Her friend’s says – How does a girl that have topped the class since last 3 years has failed this time. Swati does not want to tell them about Arjun’s crime. Krishnan (Arjun’s friend) comes to Swati and her friends and unbolts about Arjun’s crime, and how he tried to help Swati but was stopped by other friends. Swati’s friends cries with her, and they say they cannot leave this big problem as it is, and wants her to complain to police. Swati discloses to her friends that she cannot do it as Arjun has taken her private photos and video. If she complains to anybody, then Arjun will leak those photos.

The dean is seen congratulating Arjun for topping in the class and now recommends him for US scholarship instead of Swati, Swati hears this conversation and starts recalls the past words of the dean about her US scholarship, Arjun’s crime, and Arjun’s warning about leaking her video’s on the Internet..

Krishnan comes to Swati’s friends and suggest them to complain. Next, Swati comes to them and says that Arjun has taken everything from her, and now she cannot let him damage anymore. She doesn’t want to worry even if her photos gets leaked. Swati asks Krishnan for help and gets friends support for her plan to combat Arjun.

Arjun’s receives a message from Swati inviting him to an old lab room and he thinks that Swati is now with him and wants some fun. Swati tells Arjun that she wants a compromise, and tells him to return pictures and videos. Arjun says that forget those pictures and videos and does not listens to her. She reiterates that she wants to give him a chance so to correct his mistake and suggest him to tell the Dean about the truth. Arjun responds – Go to hell and he already got from her what he wanted and boldly says her to go and complain to whoever she wants.


Thereafter, her friends enter the lab room and stops Arjun from leaving.. Swati then puts chloroform napkin on arjun’s face from behind and he then looses his senses and faints. They pick him up and carry.. On an another front, krishnan goes to hostel room and destroy’s Arjun laptop with Swati’s private photos. Swati is seen informing Dean about Arjun’s crime.

Arjun is now seen outside in the college campus tied down with the words – Rapist written on his body and other students photographs him. He becomes angry as he wakes up and realizes. Swati comes to him and slaps heavily.. Arjun’s friends rescues him and unbinds. Swati forwards the crime evidence in Arjun’s phone to the Dean. The Dean says to her that she could have come earlier, but also take his own responsibility. The dean gives her another opportunity to write exams again so she can try for US scholarship and also says that he is very proud of her.

Karan Tacker(the host): speaks to all girls that if God forbid this happens to you, always speak and stand up about the crime. He says that the girls don’t speak against the crime perpetrator taking into account – dangers, society, insecurities. Please don’t be silent since if girls don’t report then the crime perpetrator will get more encouragement thinking nobody will book them for their crime. Swati’s realization happened and that only helped her to fight, take revenge and stand up against the crime.

An AV is shown about Shruti Pathak (singer) – She tells her about an experience during a train travel from Delhi to Bangalore when her friend has accepted a drink from some strangers on the train, and got somewhat lost and intoxicated. She recommends to girls that travel often to think wisely and look carefully before accepting drinks.

Karan signs off by saying that nobody can stand up to girl’s determination and strength.. And boys- do not think that by physically dominating and sexually abusing them, it is a sign of your male chauvinism, and proof of strength and on the contrary that idea is of a looser. Don’t be silent, stand up, raise your voice and say – Halla Bol, Change Aayega Hum Laayenge..


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