Heroes – The Fightback Files 30th March 2014 Channel V *6th Episode* Written Update

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Garima Vyas, a 21 year old medical student shares an incident which happened with her years ago, when she was 16 years old. She had a crush on a popular guy of her school. He was the school head. He was Saurabh. Her best friend was Surbhi, Saurabh’s sister. Saurabh gave her lift when she missed her bus. She was very happy being with him. She felt that was her luckiest moment ever. He brought icecreams for her and intezaar sa hai………. Kya hai na jaane…………… plays………….. They have a casual talk. He asks her do you have any boyfriend. She says ok. Adha ishq adha hai, adha hojaega…………. Plays………….. He drops her home.

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He says don’t tell anything to Surbhi about our icecream date. She agrees. She felt maybe Saurabh also likes her. She came home and got scolded by her mum. Her mood got off. Garima comes to meet Saurabh at his home. He says you can’t be trusted, you did not tell Surbhi anything, it means you are not loyal with your best friend. He says it means you like me. She says yes. He says you are a kid, look at yourself. She says I m not a kid. He asks her to study maths and ask him if she gets any problem.

Surbhi’s dad teaches them maths. Garima’s dad comes to pick her up after the tuitions. Saurabh kisses her on the cheek holding her at a corner and asks her to do the same. She does smiling and says I love you. She leaves. He asks her to kiss her on his lips. She says no. He says fine, then message me 100 times I love you. It was her first kiss and she was very happy as she liked Saurabh a lot. Saurabh started coming to the school to pick her up.

One day, she saw Saurabh giving flowers to Raveena. She gets hurt and is very much sad. She saw Saurabh doing the same with Raveena which he did with her. She felt she was special for Saurabh, but she was wrong. She came to Saurabh’s home for the tuition and her focus was not on Maths. Saurabh’s dad asks him to drop Garima home. Saurabh smiles and takes Garima with him. He asks her why is she so lost. She asks is Raveena your girlfriend. She says I saw you with her. He says she is not my girlfriend. She asks why did you then kiss her. He says can’t I. I kissed you, does that mean I m your boyfriend. Did I tell you that I love you, let’s have fun.

I will make you ready for your future boyfriends. He says if you want to go home, kiss me. She refuses and he leaves her in the middle of the way. She was shocked seeing Saurabh’s real face. She realized that she was a fool in his love, he did not love her. He just wanted to get physical with her. She was angry on herself, as love became a guilt now, she started hating Saurabh. Garima was not performing well in Maths. Saurabh tells his dad that he will see her.


He tells her what if I show the messages and cards to your dad, then you will be caught. He says I won’t blackmail you, but you have to do what I say. Garima was scared as everything proves that she was after him. Garima’s dad asks her is everything fine, your face shows something else. She says I m worried about mock test. She had to hide it from her dad as she did not wish to hurt him. She was unable to concentrate on studies.

She did not write her exam well and was tensed. She was waiting outside the school and she saw Saurabh with her junior Reena. Saurabh gave her lift as he gave her once. She felt Saurabh did not like any girl and he was a bad intentions guy, he can only use girls. Saurabh messages her asking her to come his home. She comes to his house to meet Surbhi. He lies to her that Surbhi is in her room. He comes to her and says no one is at home, we have one hour, you will do what I say. He shows her the cards and says I will delete all this, if you hear me. Take off your shirt, I want to see you.

She says please let me go. He starts blackmailing her. She cries and they hear the door bell. He asks her to be quiet and not tell anyone what he was doing. She runs from his house. She decided she will kick out Saurabh from her life. Garima calls Raveena and they have a talk. Even Raveena was going through the same thing. She thinks of saving Reena. She took her dad to take her bag from Saurabh’s home. She decided to show his true face as she had a plan.

Garima and Saurabh’s dad have a talk. Garima comes to know that Saurabh is not at home and she goes to his room to check the cards. She gets Raveena’s cards and his photos with Reena. Surbhi comes and sees her finding something. She asks her what is she doing. Garima says I want to tell you something about Saurabh. Surbhi says he already told me everything, stay away from my brother else I will tell my dad. Saurabh comes home and sees Garima. Surbhi says she came here to steal anything. He gives the cards to Surbhi. Surbhi says now we should tell our dad. Saurabh says I won’t take the responsibility now.

Surbhi shows the cards to her dad and tells about Garima. Garima’s dad feels ashamed. Surbhi says she is after my brother. Saurabh says I told her she is like my sister and she got infatuated by me. Garima says stop lying. Saurabh says I forgive you. Garima says I will never forgive you. I will bring out your truth. He shows them the messages. Raveena and Reena come there to support Garima. Saurabh gets shocked. Garima tells her dad that she has to confess something. She loved Saurabh and it was her biggest mistake as he is a bad guy. He is a blackmailer, he wanted to get physical with us. She says he did the same with Raveena and Reena.


She shows them the photos. Raveena scolds Saurabh. Saurabh’s dad gets angry seeing the photos. He says they have given it, its Garima’s plan. He says they are like Surbhi, why would I do this. Garima says he wanted to rape me yesterday. Saurabh says she did not come here. Garima says I forgot my bag yesterday that proves she is saying truth. Saurabh’s dad slaps him. Garima says you felt I m a school girl and I won’t do anything, see what I did. She slaps him. Her plan worked and her dad understood it was not her mistake. She feels one should fight with the one that harasses us. One person can make a difference. Saurabh’s dad kicked him out of the house and did not forgive him. Garima moved on and follows her father’s dream of becoming a doctor and is a medical student now. The show salutes Garima’s bravery.

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  1. Rainbow Avatar

    Even if Garima was a school gal, she brought the true face of Saurabh. Every girl should be made brave in childhood itself. It can be done by parents. Also gals shd have a friendship bond btwn parents to share everything.

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