Ishq Kills 30th March 2014 *7th Episode* Star Plus Written Update

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The story is about Abhishek and Devika’s life and how once it broke, it was difficult to mend. The story starts with both seen with their son-Nabhu and she says that she does not like him going away for work and wants him to stay close to them..Abhi leaves to his outdoor assignment citing commitments to work which he made and told her before marriage. Devika returns home while a neighbour watches on.

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Prashant, a new neighbour comes in her life and she meets him once. She comes one night to prashant appt asking for some help since her child was ill. She and prashant takes the child to the hospital and she thanks him.. Both introduces again, prashant says he is a photographer by profession and came to mumbai for the first time. She tells him about his husband. He asks her what she does, and she murmurs but does not speak..

Devika speaks with her husband and talks about the recurring problems in the house and the husband repeats to her what he said before marriage that he wanted a housewife and on this topic both fight..Sooner then, the kitchen’s pipe breaks and prashant comes in and helps ..Devika eyes him while he was fixing and he becomes wet. Both see each other and smile..

Both talk further in kitchen, and she asks does he always makes fun to which he replies life is short and needs to remarkable..He asks whether she is a dancer and also would like to see her dancing..Prashant is then seen putting hands on her while they see a photo album together. He asks her why she didn’t chose dance as a career, she responds that her husband wanted a housewife instead of a dancer.

Prashant says that he wants to capture beautiful things in life as that was his passion. Devika’s appt electricity goes away in the night and is seen arguing with the watchman. At the same time, Prashant comes and tells them to spend the night at his appt. She and Nabhu goes to his appt and spends the night. Devika wakes up the next morning and goes to prashant’s room and sees photo negatives and photo’s of her hanging. Then, prashant comes from behind and silences her. He says that he took photographs of her in solitude and professes his liking for her and then kisses her and also claims that she even likes him. Thereafter, both starts hugging each other. Later, she realizes what she is doing and sees her in the mirror and cries. Nabhu, her son asks her why is she crying.. she hugs the child..

Prashant starts calling her on his mobile, and later comes to her appt. He says why she is not taking his calls. Around the same time, Devika’s husband – Abhi comes for a 2-day holiday on surprise..Devika tells her husband that she is now stressed as he has to do all household things and he says prashant was there to help. She becomes hyper on hearing this, and he says it is Ok as prashant helped her. She replies that actually he is the support system and next time he should be with her in case of a problem. She goes out and says that she will never repeat her mistake. Both decide to go to a restaurant but that plan does not work as Abhi cancels the plan as he needs to go to Delhi on an urgent work. He tells her that they will go next time. On this, a fight begins and he tells her to be mature and she gets dejected..The voiceover speaks – how a stranger comes and love can happen anytime. Sooner then, she receives a call from prashant and he sees her crying and then comes to her and both spend the night together and come close (Ishq kills song is played) while the husband call is seen ringing in the background.

Devika and prashant comes to some place with lot of lights and he says that he got a dream where she was dancing. She replies that she danced long time ago, he says that dance is her life so don’t want any excuse and pushes her to dance. She dances a bit.. ishq awaara.. yeh ishq is played..while prashant takes her photos and both dances together.

Later on devika receives a call from her husband and he asks her why is she not taking calls. He says that Nabhu told him that she went with prashant. He says it is wrong and also not wrong sensing some mess.. She says to prashant that they need to run away and expresses her love to him. Prashant says what will happen to Nabhu, and says he also loves her, but suggests her to be practical. She counters him by saying that she has fixed deposits, jewellery, so there is no financial issues and tells him that everything also belongs to him. He promises to be a good father and a husband. It is then seen devika withdrawing funds from the bank, and they plan to stay in a hotel and then travel to Nepal by next flight. He says that he is nervous, and she replies that they will be together from tomorrow so no worry..

He goes with Nabhu to get a taxi as devika is seen getting ready. Then she receives a message from prashanth and becomes shock, the message says – you are my dream girl..thanks for the cash and jewellery and also good nights, She will get Nabhu at the station and also warns her to not complain to anybody. She calls her husband Abhi after knowing the deceive from Prashant and tells him that prashant has kidnapped Nabhu, and Abhi gets to know the full story.

Devika finds Nabhu and he speaks that prashant has hit him..Abhi comes home and takes Nabhu. She repents and says she loves him. He says that she is selfish and leaves her. She cries..and remember the time that she spent with prashant.. She then goes to the terrace remembering prashant’s lure and promises and Abhi’s last words and thereafter jumps to death and dies..

Some info on the cast: The role of Prashant is played by Ayaz Ahmed.

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