Nikhil to get engaged to Ishaana in Gustakh Dil

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Nikhil and Ishaana are getting engaged. But the fact is Nikhil is not that happy which he should have been being with his childhood love Ishaana. Nikhil is missing Lajjo every moment, though he is not accepting that he loves Lajjo. After Rancho told him that Lajjo loved him and she left him for his happiness, Nikhil is feeling guilty for letting her down and not respecting her feelings for him.

Nikhil has a golden heart and this is the reason why he is feeling so much for Lajjo. This thing is turning off Ishaana and she can no longer bear it. Ishaana wants Nikhil to be 100% with him, physically as well as mentally, but Nikhil’s mind is somewhere lost in Sonbarsa. Nikhil will be soon getting engaged to Ishaana, but will he marry her or understand his love for Lajjo before his marriage, is yet to be seen. Nikhil and Lajjo are made for each other, and we wish Ishaana moves from their way. Will Nikhil’s Gustakh Dil make him realize what is true and selfless love? Watch out!!





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  1. Newshi Avatar

    what will happen to Laajo if they get engaged

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