Parmeet’s real cunning core to come to the front in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Parmeet was really involved with the woman who accused him of sexual abuse. Parmeet told Simmi and her family that the woman has framed him of wrong charges and he has nothing to do with her. Everyone believed him and Ishita helped him so much trusting him as he is Simmi’s husband. Parmeet is taking Ishita’s goodness in a wrong way and eyeing her in a bad way.

Raman helps Parmeet with Rs 15 lakhs asking him to give it to the woman and ask her to take the charges back. Parmeet gives her only Rs 3 lakhs and keeps the rest with him. Parmeet thanks Ishita holding her hand and as soon as he sees Simmi, he leaves her hand. Ishita did not notice his real intentions yet and thinks of him only as a good man. Parmeet will soon make his intentions appear to her and that will be shocking Ishita. Will she bring out his true face infront of everyone? Keep reading.






3 responses to “Parmeet’s real cunning core to come to the front in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”

  1. Newshi Avatar

    omg what an stupid man

  2. pari Avatar

    parmeets real face will b known to only ishita and she will have to prove this in front of family bcause asusual nobody will believe her.

  3. jazlypriya Avatar

    parmeet was really a cheap man

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