Kaira getting married to Varun; Vikram extracting money from Diwaans in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai



Since last two weeks, we are seeing the marriage rituals happening in the show. Hopefully the marriage will take place this week. The show has shown a splendid arrangements and decorations pleasing the eyes. Varun at first was not ready to marry Kaira, as he was not mentally prepared for marriage. But Anisha (Kaira’s Nani and Varun’s teacher) asks him to give Kaira a chance and who knows may be he will find true happiness in her companionship. Varun agrees and is accepting Kaira by his heart.


But the Diwaans are unaware of the money cheat that Vikram is doing each day. Vikram is easing out money from them at the name of expenses and taking cheques from Adi which he is using to pay for his Rs 200 loss. Vikram cunningly fools Anuj and Adi and asks them to become his guarantee for his next deal. Anuj happily agrees not knowing Vikram’s real intentions. Anuj and Adi leave as Vikram asks them to. Pankhudi tries hard to stop them, but Adi says he will being Anuj back till the Kanyadaan.

Amrita knows Vikram’s real motive behind the marriage. She threatens him that she will tell this truth to the Diwaans. Will Vikram stop his wife from doing so of will he get caught? Avantika started doubting Vikram and acting careful in money matters. She is restricting Adi to give him any cheques. Will the Diwaans find Vikram’s truth before marriage? If not, then Vikram knows well how to extract money from the post marriage. Let’s see who wins at last in this money-marriage game.


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