Lohari to bring out Simran’s truth infront of Tau ji in Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai

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Simran has been teaching Wazeero doing against Tau ji and Rajveer. Rajveer tried stopping her saying if Tau ji comes to know about this, his trust on you will be broken and he will never trust anyone again. As Tau ji loves Simran a lot and he blindly trusts her, he does not doubt on her. Simran is risking everything for educating Wazeero. Simran can’t say no to her seeing her little dreams. Wazeero is also not wrong on her stand. Every girl has a right to get educated.

Himmat sees Rajveer seeing Simran’s Singapore’s photos in his laptop and is shocked to see her wearing short modern dresses. Himmat brings this good news to Lohari and she gets very happy as this is a solid proof against Simran. Lohari plans to tell Tau ji about it so that he himself kicks out Simran from the house as Tau ji hates educated city girls. Tau ji will be soon knowing Simran’s truth and will be aiming his gun at her thus shocking everyone. Will Simran be able to convince Tau ji about girl’s right of education? This is going to be a tough thing for her. Let’s see what she does and how!!





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