Ahana is revealed finally in Zee TV's Pavitra Rishta



Everyone have been wondering about Naren’s lady love Ahana because of whom Naren had gone partially mad, but thanks to Ankita he is fine now. Well, Naren’s Ahana is none other than Pari. Pari has lost hope in love as she believes that Aman went from her life without telling her anything.


Pari thinks, Aman cheated on her like Arjun did with Purvi. Aman and Ahana were madly in love but one day destiny separates them. Pari tells Pia that Aaji brought her back to Canada. She thinks Aman told his fake name as she tried searching for him but couldn’t find him. She lost faith in love and relationships. Pia determines to search for Aman and get him back in her sister’s life.

Naren and Ankita sits for Puja. After the Puja is done. Sunanda prays for the family’s happiness and peace. She says Aman/peace will be back. Naren recalls knowing that name. He didn’t realize that it was his name Aman. Will Naren remember about the real Ahana? Keep reading.


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