Aaliya and Zain to find out the secret of Barkat in Beintehaa

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Aaliya sees a shadow of a woman going near the well in the wee hours and follows her. She is shocked to see that its none other than Surayya. Surayya cries out calling Barkat hugging a blood stained cloth of a child. Zain goes to the hospital with Usman and finds Usman running after a mysterious guy. Zain and Aaliya have a talk that something is haunting Surayya and Usman. They decide to unravel their past to know about Barkat. Will they find out the secret? Keep watching Beintehaa.

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5 responses to “Aaliya and Zain to find out the secret of Barkat in Beintehaa”

  1. Rainbow Avatar

    Zaya bond is created n nw irs tym for mystries.

  2. ojasvi Avatar

    made for each other

  3. chandni shah Avatar
    chandni shah

    i think barkat is the name of a girl who must have died in the bawdi…….

  4. Anisa Avatar

    barkat is their daughter who has been kidnapped by meer

  5. Fatima Avatar

    Is barkat ayat

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