Kokila to know Radha’s truth in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

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Radha is very happy that Ahem decided to marry her by giving divorce to Gopi once again. While Gopi agrees to sign the divorce papers, Radha dreams of kicking Gopi out of the house. Baa and Hetal try hard to convince Kokila to support Gopi as she is not wrong. Kokila still can’t forget the accident that took away Meera from them and she can’t forgive Gopi for Meera’s death.

Kokila agrees with Ahem is his decision to marry Radha. Baa tells Kokila that this time she is wrong. The wedding day comes. Radha meets Umang’s widow wife and talks to her. Radha admits her sins and her real motive to stay in the house. She tells about her hatred for Gopi and also brings out the fact that Meera is still alive. Kokila hears every bit of the truth and is shaken up. She realizes the goodness of Gopi and sees the real face of Radha. Radha tells that she wants to ruin this house by marrying Ahem. Kokila will surely stop Radha from doing this. Good episodes are coming indeed!!






6 responses to “Kokila to know Radha’s truth in Saath Nibhana Saathiya”

  1. Rainbow Avatar

    Good thing s going to happen

  2. Ranju Ranu Avatar
    Ranju Ranu

    Koki it did took long but pliz throw that witch an evil radha

  3. sheena Avatar

    yar gopi aur ahem ko kb sachai pata chalegi kahi aham shadi tu nhi karega radha se or gopi ko divorce tu nhe dega plzzz tell me

  4. priya Avatar

    finally koki know abt d truth excited 4 this

  5. pari Avatar

    finally truth is out.i really hate this radhas face she should be severly punished.
    I feel bad for poor meera.but now meera will get everythimg she deserves especially mothers love

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