Raman to impress Ishita to win Ruhi’s love in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Raman takes Ruhi and Ishita for dinner making them happy. Ishita thinks Raman is changing for good. But she is surprised to see Adi there with Shagun and Ashok. Raman asks Ishita to apologize to Adi and Shagun and she is left shocked plus hurt. Ishita apologizes to them against her will only for the sake of Ruhi. Raman feels bad that he made Ishita apologize though she was not at fault. Raman talks to his mum and cries saying he hates himself as he is falling so low just to get Adi back.

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He feels that he should value Ruhi now rather than running after Adi. He promises that he will become a good father for Ruhi. Ruhi is angry on him as she has witnessed Ishita crying because of Raman. Raman tries to impress Ishita by making south Indian dosas for her and bringing icecreams. Raman comes to know about Ruhi’s elocution competition and Ishita asks him to come on time to her school. Raman is happy thinking Ruhi will be giving her speech on the topic ‘My Papa’. Raman gets stuck in the traffic and gets late. Will he reach before Ruhi’s turn comes? We hope yes and that Ruhi gives a heartily speech to make Raman proud. The angry young man is turning loving and caring, thanks to Ishita.






2 responses to “Raman to impress Ishita to win Ruhi’s love in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”

  1. Rainbow Avatar

    I hated Raman for insulting Ishitha. But nw he s trying to impress Ruhi by loving Ishitha. I love the story more than actors.

    @tellyreviews: Can U give WU of new promo?

  2. pari Avatar

    how much time they are going to take to show raman and ishitas romance????

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