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Hi guys, it’s long time we had a talk. So finally Satyamev Jayate ended and you will be missing the show from this Sunday. But we still have good shows on the weekend like Heroes and Ishq Kills. We hope your daily entertainment quotient is leveled up by our efforts. As I wrote before about our work at DTB, you all might also come across us on that site. We are thankful to all the readers for their constant hookup at TellyReviews, as the stats suggests us that we are rocking now.

TellyReviews has got a good position in search engines and we are glad we made it in so less time. Also, we would request you all to continue loving TellyReviews remembering our very first words that this site belongs to you and we work for you. Drop any suggestions and requests in the comments section below so that you can help us improve. TellyReviews is like a candle of light used only in the dawn which introduces you to the first sunlight of the day, thus not making you witness the darkness ever!! Be connected only at TellyReviews!!





4 responses to “TellyReviews @ 3.13 PM IST:”

  1. sunshine Avatar

    U people doing great work. Keep it up.

  2. Rainbow Avatar

    We ll be always with U

  3. pari Avatar

    congrats tellyreview.
    U always keep us entertained by ur interesting posts.
    Keep it up!!!

  4. tellyreviews Avatar

    Thanks Rainbow, Pari, Sunshine for your encouraging comments. It means a lot to us !

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