Kittu pregnant; Ishaan shocked to know he is not Zor’s son in Meri Bhabhi

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Kittu has given a good news to everyone. She faints at home and is taken to the hospital where the doctor confirms that she is pregnant spreading happiness in everyone’s hearts. The family takes Kittu home and Anand takes good care of her. Shraddha and Kunal are also happy together with Dhruv and celebrates their suhaagraat at Shergill house where Kittu does all the arrangements and gives them a surprise. As Kunal left Kamini’s house, she has no other way to get her son back than accepting Shraddha and Dhruv.

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Ishaan overhears Amrit and Kittu talking that Ishaan is not Zor’s son but he has always loved him and never made him feel the truth. Ishaan is shocked to know this and leaves the house. Everyone look out for him. On getting him back, Amrit tells Ishaan how Zor supported her when her husband ditched her and Zor was the one who gave him father’s love which even his real father would have not given him. Ishaan is shattered knowing the truth and we have to see how he reacts. Reportedly, he will heartily accept the fact and Zor will talk to him to make him realize that though he is not his genetic father, but he is more than that. All is well that ends well. Meri Bhabhi will be ending on a happy note!!





2 responses to “Kittu pregnant; Ishaan shocked to know he is not Zor’s son in Meri Bhabhi”

  1. Rainbow Avatar

    Happy ending eventhough last few episodes r runing lyk a marathon to end. No tym to think more abt any of Issues

  2. Kongseng Yem Avatar
    Kongseng Yem

    this is a very nice seria. in this serial i like kittu and kunal.and i want the phone of kittu.

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