Officer Agrima Singh and her squad to face the Naxals in Diya Aur Baati Hum



Officer Agrima Singh has caught Zakir for damaging the compass and risking Roma’s life. Zakir apologizes to her and says he will make an honest effort towards victory now. Officer Singh punishes him to train his rival Sandhya in gun firing and make her win the Best Cadet Trophy. Zakir agrees and trains Sandhya. Sandhya does not shoot well and Zakir is angry thinking she wants to fail him so missing the shots intentionally. Officer Singh personally trains Sandhya as she does not want Sandhya to be weak in any area.


The Naxals watch them alone and plan to attack them. They want Officer Singh alive to make her train their people to be the best. Officer Singh comes to know that the Naxals have attacked their security systems and have damaged everything, now they can’t connect to the military base. Officer Singh has to face the Naxals now with the squad. While she is unaware that there is an insider in her squad, probably Rahul. Will the insider make her plan foil and make her get arrested by the Naxals? We don’t think so, as Sandhya and other honest cadets will support Officer Singh in this fight. This will be an interesting track worth seeing!!



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