Kokila loses partial memory and loves her Gopi bahu again in Saath Nibhana Saathiya



Kokila has gone years back, when she was happily enjoying her Gopi bahu’s presence in the house. Kokila went back to the era when she used to scold Rashi everyday and could not bear Radha’s laziness and excuses. The era when she was glad chanting Gopi’s name all the day and being her lovable mother in law. Kokila will be shedding her sad and oldie look and will be back in form with her amazing sarees and long bindis, showing her stiff attitude and die hard righteousness. All this happened by the accident which has master planned by Tripti and Radha.


Kokila was rescuing Meera from Tripti knowing her intentions to kill her. Kokila leaves with Meera in an auto while Tripti follows them in her car. Tripti does the accident and Kokila falls out of the auto on a big stone and gets a head injury. After Kokila meets the accident, Ahem comes to know about it and everyone rush to the hospital. Kokila is treated by the doctors and an operation is done on her to stop the internal bleeding, she then comes to consciousness and hush….. she forgot the truth she heard in the temple about Meera and Gopi. But the good thing is she is fine and back in the house to stop the cruel intentions of Radha and showing her original place to her, that’s of a guest. Kokila will never let Radha marry Ahem, and luckily Ahem won’t go against Kokila and seeing her state living in the past, he will have no option than to accept Gopi. Good days are back in the show with Kokila and Gopi’s relation becoming normal and selfless. Hurray!!

Also, Gauri aka Meera is also back in the house, not as a family member, but as she was with Kokila at the time of the accident. Gauri does not know that they all are her family, but agrees to stay with them. We hope Gopi finds that Gauri is actually her daughter Meera. Now, that stupid Radha will be restless losing everything, LOL!! Watch out for the interesting twists in Saath Nibhana Saathiya.



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