Nikhil confesses his love for Lajjo denying to marry Ishaana in Gustakh Dil


Nikhil and Lajjo

Nikhil finally understood that what he is feeling since many days for Lajjo is nothing but love. He now realized that Ishaana is not her love, but Lajjo. Nani has been noticing him that his feelings are changing. Nikhil admits to Nani that he loves Lajjo shocking her. Everyone is angry on Nikhil for calling off the engagement with Ishaana. Ishaana is disturbed as she also know that Nikhil and Lajjo love each other.


Ishaana asks Nikhil to marry her and offers her sindoor for a quick marriage. Nikhil denies to marry her as now he knows where his heart lies. Lajjo has moved on in life and decided to sign the divorce papers and send back to Nikhil. Will Nikhil cancel his divorce and keep up his marriage with Lajjo? Gustakh Dil will be bringing some good moments for Nikhil – Lajjo fans. Keep watching the show.


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