Akash goes missing being deceived of Rs. 30 lakhs in Ek Ghar Banaunga

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Akash have been cheated by Kothari, who was planted by Ramesh. Akash is not aware of the fact that Ramesh is after all this fraud. Akash has been hit big time and had to bear a loss of Rs. 30 lakhs, in which Rs. 5 lakh was of Deepak. Deepak is shocked to know about the truth that Akash went in huge loss as the event he managed did not work out. Deepak asks Akash to return his money on the right time, as it does not matter to him how he arranges his money.

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Ramesh is cunning and acts like he gets a heart attack to make Akash feel his mistake. Ramesh tells Akash that his friend is forcing him to pay back Rs. 25 lakhs as soon as possible else he will drag him to court. Akash feels sorry as he has taken money from others and now he don’t know how to return. Akash asks Poonam’s support. Poonam tells Akash that she will always support him and encourages him to make his failure his victory. Akash is glad that Poonam is with him as everyone else has withdrawn their support.

Akash is very upset and feels pressurized to arrange the money. He leaves the house and goes somewhere. Poonam panics and tells Kamal that Akash is not at office and not even taking my calls. Akash finally goes missing…… Will Poonam find him out and make him cope up with the tough situation? Will Akash and Poonam find out Ramesh’s trap? Keep reading.





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