Archana and Manav back to India to unite their family in Pavitra Rishta

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Archana and Manav who has been living in the US since long, plan to come back to India and stay in their same old house in the chawl. Thus surprising everyone connected to them, as they are now a rich family. But what made them take this decision? They want to unite their family who has been living in parts across away from each other.

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Archana and Manav want to locate Ovi and Soham and ask them them live with them in the chawl along with Ankita and Naren. Archana and Manav started their beautiful life of togetherness in the chawl house and have some good memories which reminds them of their love, trust and companionship. Their children will be shocked to know their decision to go back to the chawl life again. Archana and Manav will be back in the show and make it rocking as ever. Hiten Tejwani’s fans will be happy seeing more of his scenes!!





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