Bani shocks Parmeet with divorce plea in Bani Ishq Da Kalma

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We have seen lots of Tom and Jerry chases in the show between Bani and Parmeet. Bani has gone through tough times all thanks to her husband Parmeet who has never given her love and respect. Bani now knows his truth and cleverly made his realize what all he did with her. Manpreet dies being ill for long. She reached death because of Parmeet. Bani takes Parmeet to see Manpreet at her last stage of her life.

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Bani files the case on Parmeet and everyone insists her to take it back. Bani refuses to take the case back and is adamant on her decision as she wants justice for the women kind. Soham and Rajji are shocked to know Parmeet’s truth. Bani is disturbed thinking about the divorce with Parmeet. Bani goes to meet Parmeet in the jail. He is surprised to see and thinks positive. But he gets a major shock when Bani takes a big decision and hands over the divorce papers to him. Will Bani end her marriage with Parmeet? Will Parmeet give her the divorce or is there any hope for him to change? Keep reading.





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