Dipika’s fake pregnancy exposed, Dhara saves Jai’s life in Sanskaar

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Dipika has been lying a lot to Jai making him feel guilty that he has made her pregnant by spending a night with her in the hotel. The twist in the tale is her fake pregnancy plot is exposed infront of Jai and his family. Everyone is shocked to see about her such a big lie that could have ruined Dhara and Jai’s marriage. Jai is ashamed to having her as his friend. Even Ketki could not help her this time. Jai asks Dipika to leave his house as he does not want to see her face again.

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Jai’s life was at risk as Dhara has been sensing about it through her dreams. Murli asks Dhara to understand the meaning of her bad dreams and get alert. Dhara once again saves Jai’s life as Dipika is about to kill Jai in her anger. The family is thankful to Dhara. Dhara’s truth that she was with Jai that night that in the hotel is known to everyone. The family is very happy to know that Dhara is pregnant with Jai’s child and accepts her by heart. Jai promises Dhara about their long life companionship and their remarriage. Dipika is hurt seeing Dhara and Jai united. Dipika’s character is soon to end in the show. But we have another vamp in the show and that’s Chandrika, let’s see how she accepts these changes in the Vaishnav family. Keep reading.





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  1. Rainbow Avatar

    Such a long plot..
    Vamps make d show

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