A snapshot of Kokila’s memory loss; Gopi flames on Radha in Saath Nibhana Saathiya



If you have missed recent episodes, read on to get a snapshot…. When Kokila gains consciousness, she finds Rashi with her and considers Rashi as her sister Jigna. Rashi too acts with the flow keeping in mind her condition and calls her Koki. The scene is too cute to see nice bonding between Rashi and Kokila. Kokila has gone 20 years back, when her own children were not grown up. Actually it should be more than 20 years, as Kokila considers Tolu, Molu and Vidya as Ahem, Jigar and Kinjal. She identifies only Hetal and Baa and thinks Radha is the maid Mani. LOL!! Good to see Radha being treated as the maid and asked to limit herself only in work.



Rashi tells Kokila about her manager who is ill treating his wife and asking her to leave his house. Kokila goes to scolds him. He is Ahem, who is named Bharat for her. She asks Ahem/Bharat to talk to his wife Gopi with respect. (Rashi says Gopi is an orphan and Kokila gets a soft corner for her) Kokila decides to end the dispute between Bharat and Gopi by making them stay in her Modi Bhavan as guests, till they sort out their differences and unite. Rashi is happy as she really wants Ahem to accept Gopi as his wife, after all she has changed post Gopi saving her life.


Hetal and Baa are happy with this confusion. Even Gauri/Meera gets a place in the house as she has saved Kokila’s life. Gopi fires on Radha seeing her ill treating Gauri. Gopi asks her to stay away from Gauri else she will not bear her in Modi Bhavan. Radha is shown her place by Gopi as well as Kokila. Even Ahem is not looking at her these days. Poor Radha has only one support, that’s Tripti, who can also not help her much this time. Radha is worried and prays that Kokila does not get her memory back else she will be in problem as her truth will be out. Gopi is trying hard to bring normalcy in Kokila’s life. The show is bringing some new twists as Kokila is bold and strong as before. Let’s see what entertainment this changed Kokila offers to the viewers!! Nice makeup, long bindis, beautiful sarees and amazing attitude with heavy and honest dialogues…. Watch out guys!!


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