Anandi’s son Amol kidnapped; Shiv-Anandi tensed in Balika Vadhu

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Anandi has exposed a beggar racket which was the mastermind of a woman. The woman was running the racket by kidnapping innocent children and making them beg on the roads. The woman got caught by Anandi and was sent to jail. Anandi saved many children from her evil clutches and made them free to lead a happy and respectable life. Soon, we will be seeing in the show that the woman will be out to take revenge from Anandi and Shiv, for sending her to jail and ending her business.

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Amol is physically handicapped and could not walk. He needs special attention and Anandi always gave him love and care. Anandi plans an outing. The woman will be kidnapping Amol when he goes to a resort with Anandi and Shiv for having some fun time with his parents. Anandi and Shiv will look around for Amol everywhere, but will not be able to find him. They will end up coming home with a teary heart and inform their family. The family will be tensed knowing Amol is missing. How will Anandi get her son back? Keep reading.






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