Halla Bol 11th April 2014 7th Episode Bindass Written Update



Karan starts the show and speaks about Radhika, 20 years old student from Kanpur who came to Pune for completing her studies and to stay with her brother – Nishanth who is a medical student (trainee).


Theme: Fight against Sexual Harassment/Molestation

The story starts with Radhika and her brother Nishanth coming to their home and brother-sister bonding is shown. He tells her that college is very close to the home, she thanks and also gives him Home Sweets (Besan ke Laddoo) which their mother has given. He tells that once he get a residency job at the hospital then he will make sure that their mother also comes and stay with them. He then begins to speak lot of good things about his boss – Dr. Khurana.

Nishanth is seen at radhika’s college, and and she introduces her friend – Jasleen to him.They invite Jasleen for dinner and then it is seen they are having a dinner with Jasleen at home. Suddenly, Radhika gets stomach pain and her brother checks her. Sooner, they gets an appointment for the next day with Dr. Khurana as she insisted to not go the same night. Next morning, both of them goes to the hospital and Nishanth introduces her to Dr. khurana who speaks too nicely with her. He starts checking her and intentionally tells nishanth to go to some lab so to send him away, and nishanth agrees and leaves. The doctor smiles with bad intentions and goes to radhika and tells let’s check you, she tells that she is getting a feeling of vomitting and tells more on her health condition. He asks her whether she is pregnant and then tells that he is just joking. He begins to touch her body with his fingers and rubs. She feels something is wrong and becomes much uncomfortable.. She gets up from her lying position and stands to go. He tells that there is some infection and he will give medicines and again touches her while she is leaving.

Radhika comes home and starts thinking on how Dr. khurana was touching her and also recollects her brother words of praise for the doctor. She is uncertain on what to do now..The weekend comes, and she wants to go to a movie with her brother. At that time, nishanth says that very soon he will be promoted because he will get Dr. Khurana’s recommendation. Radhika again gets the pain, and he tells her for going to the hospital but she tries a lot to not go as she remembers her harassment experience at the hospital. As her brother insists much, she goes with him to the hospital again to visit Dr. Khurana.

At the hospital, Dr. Khurana checks her and tells that more tests are needed to know about the problem and also she is needed to be kept under observation and thus to be admitted. Radhika recollects about the doctor’s harassment scene when she hears this. But anyhow, she gets admitted into the hospital..She tells her brother to not go from her as she doesn’t want to stay alone. She insists him to stay with her.. finally, he agrees not to go anywhere.She goes to sleep.. Meanwhile, Dr Khurana is seen speaking with his wife telling her that he will be late to home as he got an urgent appointment..

He then goes to Radhika’s room with his evil intentions. He sees nishanth and radhika in the same room. He thinks what to do and then again set-ups a plan to send nishanth away citing a patient is very critical in another room. After hearing this, nishanth leaves with the doctor telling him that he will take care of her and there is no worry.

Dr.Khurana applies an injection for deep sleep in her glucose supply.. He then starts to disrobe her clothes while she is asleep..He touches her over the body, radhika is then seen to start getting awaken and she speaks where her brother is.. He touches her, and tells that she need this too..She pushes him.. but he warns her to cooperate otherwise he can do lot of bad things to her..she tries to run away from that scene but he stops her and after that she hits him with some solid thing and runs away in that condition..she is seen walking in the hospital and seems lost as she is under the influence of that deep sleep injection..

Dr. Khurana knows that radhika has ran away, he then calls Nishanth and informs him that radhika ran away outside because of her fear of the hospital. Radhika is seen at home crying..Nishanth comes in and tells her why she is afraid of the hospital. Next morning, he asks her how is she? what happened last night? She cries and doesn’t speak.. he tells her not to cry and also admits his mistake of leaving her alone.. He tells that he is not angry and doesn’t listen to her though she wanted to speak something.

Radhika speaks with Jasleen the next day. She cries and upon jasleen’s repeated requests share with her about the horrible incident of last night that she faced and also takes a promise from jasleen that she will not disclose this to anybody. Jasleen tells her to speak up and go to police but she says that she doesn’t want to do that as Dr. Khurana has already called her and threatened that if she does complain to anybody – Police and her brother then he will make sure that her brother’s career will be destroyed. Jasleen insists her that she should speak against the doctor so that he will not commit that heinous crime with any other girl and suggests her to think more.

Sooner then, her brother comes in and discloses about the promotion that he got from Dr. Khurana and soon he will become a permanent member thanks to the doctor. He also wishes that he would wanted his father to be alive to see this. He also tells her about his plan for a party tomorrow and has also invited Dr. Khurana. She feels amused on hearing this and the happiness about her brother’s promotion doesn’t come to her.

Next day, at the party nishanth’s friends and also Dr. Khurana comes. When nishanth goes away a bit from radhika, the doctor again comes close to radhika and speaks that she is doing the right thing..It is then seen that Jasleen has disclosed about radhika’s harassment incident to Nishanth. He asks her about it and she confirms that this is true.. Her brother asks her why she didn’t tell him before and why to think about saving his career..He becomes angry and wants to go and teach a lesson to Dr. khurana. She advises him that they need to first collect evidence before going to the police so that all people can believe them. They both agree to get the proof first. Radhika tells that she has an idea to reveal the doctor’s crime..

Radhika goes to the hospital and visits Dr. Khurana in his cabin.. He becomes happy and she tells him she will do everything that he wants her to do and requests her not to destroy her brother’s career in return. He tells her that she is very good as she is listening and tells her that he was sure about her coming back to him. He tells her about other girls whom he has exploited and they did nothing to him. He tells her to always keep her mouth closed and do what he instructs her to do.

The doctor goes out of the cabin and sees many people outside – Nishanth and media with cameras. She discloses to Dr. Khurana that everybody in the hospital has heard their conversation where the doctor openly confessed his crime. She make it happen because of the fact that she has opened the intercom in his cabin without he knowing it. the conversation is played and everybody is seen to hear their conversation about doctor admitting his crime. Radhika slaps him heavily. Nishanth tells that for a noble profession..you did so wrong and gave a bad name and now everybody in this city – Pune knows about Dr. khurana’s crime. The media asks the doctor about his attempt to rape radhika. Nishanth tells he will be first be arrested by police and then his license will be cancelled so that he will not do this heinous act with any other girl. The police comes and arrests the doctor.

Karan Tacker (the host): If radhika has fear, that fear was of nishanth’s career being destroyed and he will not become a doctor. Dr. Khurana has exploited her because of this situation..

Pooja Bose (actor), guest on the show speaks about an incident that happened to her friend who once visited a male doctor for a checkup and during that checkup, the doctor has touched at many of her private parts though it was not needed. After some time, her friend got a news that the same doctor has been booked for harassment.

Karan Tacker (the host): speaks to all girls that whenever they go for a physical checkup, they should always take someone with them, and also insists to ask for a female doctor. If you speak up then you are doing good not only to you but to many other girls who couldn’t speak. Karan signs off by saying – Don’t be silent, stand up, raise your voice and say – Halla Bol, Change Aayega.. Hum Laayenge..

Halla Bol Episode 7

Some info on cast:
Dr Khurana – is played by actor Mohit Chauhan

Images credit: Official Facebook page of Bindass channel

Full Episode Video:
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  1. Try to visit onlu female Doctors only. I am nt blaming all male gynacologists bt drs lyk Khurana r bad name to the profession.

  2. if any girl is facing such harassement first she should inform her family.hiding such things may complicate the situation.
    Great courage showed by radhika.


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