Anshuman saves Pakhi and witnesses Tanya’s real face in Tumhari Pakhi



Tanya has not left any stone unturned for victory. She wanted Anshuman at any cost, be it at the cost of Pakhi’s death. She first hits Pakhi by a hard stick and they both have a long fight scene. Her dad Mr. Rana asks Tanya to kill Pakhi. He helps her and both of them try to kill her. Just then Anshuman reaches his mansion on time and asks Tanya about Pakhi. She lies to him and fools him in her words. But Anshuman senses Pakhi is at home and runs to check. He sees her lying down on the floor in bad state and asks Tanya to call the doctor.


Tanya tells him that doctor is unreachable and asks him to go and get him. Anshuman foolishly leaves. Tanya suffocates Pakhi to kill her but Pakhi runs out. Tanya finally does the last try by pushing her off the balcony. Girish and Lavanya reach there and tell Anshuman that Pakhi won’t be safe with Tanya. Anshuman witnesses Tanya pushing Pakhi. He is super shocked as he got betrayed by Tanya. He sees her real face and is stunned. He runs to save Pakhi while her hand was slipping off. Anshuman saves Pakhi and gets so much angry on Tanya that he breaks a bottle and wants to stab Tanya with the sharp edge, leaving Tanya tensed. Pakhi stops him from doing that. Tanya is thrown out of Anshuman’s life. Will Tanya move out the lovers’ way? Watch out this eye catching track in Tumhari Pakhi on Monday 14th April 2014 only on Life Ok.


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