Gopi makes Radha taste dust for entitling Gauri a thief in Saath Nibhana Saathiya



Gauri/Meera comes to meet Gopi in her room to have a talk with her. Radha was already in the room hiding and looking at her thinking of a golden opportunity. We are sick watching Radha play her dirty games. Gauri sits facing the other side. Radha takes out the jewellery from Gopi’s cupboard and keeps it beside Gauri. Gauri is unaware. Radha starts shouting on her calling her a thief who came in Gopi’s room to steal the jewellery. Gauri is shocked and starts crying as she knows she is innocent.


Gopi, Rashi and Kokila come there to find out why is stupid Radha shouting. Radha calls Gauri a poor orphan and that is why she is taking advantage of staying in a rich house. No one believes Radha. Gopi protects Gauri and fumes on Radha. Radha is about to slap Gauri but Gopi holds her hand and stops her from slapping Gauri. Kokila says the girl who has risked her life to save my life can never steal anything. Kokila and Gopi believe Gauri and Rashi also gives a nod in Gauri’s favor. Radha’s new drama gets flopped and she gets to taste the dust. Good to see Radha’s state in the show. Gopi hugs Gauri and loves her as a mum not knowing she is actually her own daughter. Waiting for that day to come when everyone knows that Gauri is their Meera….


Another twist is Kokila assuming Jigar to be their driver and seeing her with Rashi/Jigna, she is getting worried. She stops Rashi from meeting Jigar and one day she catches them holding hands. How will Rashi and Jigar spend time together now in Kokila’s presence? Also, Ahem and Gopi are on equating terms for Kokila’s sake. Will Ahem accept Gopi by his heart? We think surely yes, once he comes to know Radha’s truth that she has hidden Meera from them all these years and Gopi was not at all responsible. We wish to see more of these couples’ love story!!



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