Comedy Nights with Kapil 13th April (tonight) – Sneak Peek with Jeetendra and Tusshar

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Comedy Nights With Kapil
Guest on the show: Jeetendra and Tusshar Kapoor

The show starts with Mrs. Bittu Sharma (Sumona) telling about the best family survey news published in a newspaper and the winner will get a flat in Delhi and Rs. 5 Lakh cash. She is very happy and asks Isn’t that good news ? And in this context, she hired a personality development teacher.

The teacher – Komal played by Ragini Khanna comes at their home to develop their interpersonal skills. Bittu invites all the family members. She asks them for an Introduction but all of them including Bittu couldn’t figure out what’s an Introduction is.

Then, a public surveyor comes in to assess their family. Bittu welcomes him and sooner Bua comes with a liquor bottle for Daadi. The surveyor watches Bua who is speaking about her family’s weaknesses and other petty things – like Bittu’s stealing of a neighbor’s dog.. After hearing this, the public surveyor runs and goes away. Upon Daadi’s insistence, they again catches him.

Kapil introduces yesteryear actor and legend – Jeetendra by saying ever-popular, ever-young, legend Jeetendra saab. Jeetendra comes in with a song being played – “Mast Baharon Ka Main Aashiq” from his movie – Farz (1967). All the audience stands up to honor him. After that, Tusshar Kapoor, his son comes in and dances on the song – Nainon Mein Sapna, Sapno mein Sajna Ta Thaiya ta thaiya ho o.. from the movie Himmatwala (1983, 2013). Kapil welcomes both father-son duo on his show.

Kapil: Asks Jeetendra ji, How were the choreographers taught him dance during that time ?
Jeetendra: says that he was always a follower who follows his choreographer.If he is good, then his dance was good, otherwise bad. Hence, it all depends on how good his choreographer was..

Thereafter, Daadi comes with a bang on a song – Gori Tere Ang Ang Mein from the movie Tohfa (1984, Tohfa in english – The gift). Daadi acts shy initially and then speaks with Jeetendra about their last meeting. Jeetendra couldn’t tell her anything in his reply as he seems amused. Daadi gets a rose as a gift from Tusshar. On that note, Pyar ka Tohfa tera…laya laya song (title song of the movie Tohfa) is played with Daadi and Tusshar dancing together. Finally, Daadi comes again and gives Tusshar a shagun ki Pappi (Daadi’s kiss). Kapil thanks both Jeetendra and Tusshar for coming on the show.

Sneak Peek Video:
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