Gopi and Rashi repeat history to bring Kokila’s memory back in Saath Nibhana Saathiya



Kokila’s memory loss problem has been affecting everyone. Kokila has been the enemy of Rashi and Jigar’s love. Gopi decides to do something and make Kokila get her memory back and resume her normal life. Radha is tensed as her truth may come out if Kokila remembers everything. Gopi and Rashi make a plan and try to repeat history. This is how they do it…..


Rashi asks Gopi to wash a laptop and Gopi washes it to hang it on a rope. Kokila is shocked to see Gopi’s stupidity. She comes to scold her but gets some memory flashes of how Gopi once washed Ahem’s laptop. Kokila tries to recollect. Gopi and Rashi expect her to get her memory back, but it won’t happen in one day. Gopi and Rashi keep trying to making other past instances known to her. Will Kokila get her memory back and tells everyone that Gauri is Meera. Watch out!!



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