Raman can’t digest Ishita’s shocking pregnancy in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



Raman cares about Ishita when he comes to know that Ishita went out in the curfew to take Pooja to the hospital. Romi calls Raman and tells him that some goons have caught Ishita. Raman gets worried and runs to save her. But Ishita is safe and she comes home. Ishita gets busy in the festival’s arrangements and does not feel well. The Bhallas calls a doctor for her checkup and they are shocked to know that Ishita is pregnant.


Raman thinks how can this be possible when they don’t have any husband wife relation between them. Also, Ishita can’t conceive. Then how could this happen? It is Shagun’s reply to Raman and Ishita. Let’s see how Ishita gets her family support when everyone doubts on her. Simmi’s husband Parmeet is also eyeing Ishita. He mixes wine in her orange juice to make her unconscious and he can take advantage of her, but luckily Ishita does not drink it, and Mrs. Bhalla drinks it. She gets raised and praises Ishita infront of all her guests, making Ishita and her mum happy. But will Mrs. Bhalla support her knowing about her unexpected pregnancy? Let’s wait and watch.


  1. arre yaarrr!! again misunderstanding will be der between raman and ishita.
    Pls ekta kapoor understand now viewers want to see romance between them.we are fed up of this misudrsg .
    I wish raman supports and believes ishita this time.

  2. Atleast in this case Raman pls support Ishu..
    I like YHMs story. Me too eagerly waiting to c IshRa moments.. Ektha s nw moving story lyk JA

  3. already there is whole lot of confusion n chaos…plzzz dont bring any more misunderstanding btw raman and ishita else this serial will bcum boaring!!

  4. ekta u always ruin ur good going dram.. if u create confusion then please also bring the clarification and also u need to show some of the romantic and scenes between them…. else u will lose ur viewers.. same od boring concept of confusion

  5. Abhi Raman KO hot rumance Karna chahiye ishu se sath phir pregnant hona chahiye lekin abhi nhi abhi take koi sexy rumance nhi hua to Raman plz hot rumance with ishu plz plz plz plz plz?????


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