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Star Verdict Alia and Arjun

Guest on Anupama Chopra’s show – Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor coming on her show to talk about their upcoming movie 2 States.

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First, she gives her review on the movie – Main Tera Hero directed by veteran director – David Dhawan.

She speaks – Even when director David Dhawan movie style was not in popular demand, she used to like his movies..She likes – David’s style of film-making, jokes in the movie, and also Govinda who was prominent in his movies.

She comes back to Main Tera Hero and tells that there are some comic scenes like with Anupam Kher. For this movie, we need to use our mind less but that’s not a problem for her as every movie is different. The film is centered on Varun Dhawan and every shot is design to accommodate him in every scene. Both actresses Illeana de Cruz and Nargis Fakhri are their in the movie to look beautiful and they are doing that well. She gives the movie 2 stars..

Then, the audience reaction for the movie is shown..
– says that it is a David Dhawan’s typical movie..
– People also ike Varun’s style
– Audience got reminded of Govinda’s style after watching the movie
– Girls speak about Varun Dhawan and are happy to see him on-screen after a gap of 2 years.

Anupama then speaks on arranged love-marriage and how it is the theme of the movie 2 States directed by Abhishek Verman. The movie is based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel (2009) – 2 States. It is about a love story between a Punjabi boy and a Tamilian girl. Their love will be finally approved with their parent’s wishes leading to an arranged love marriage. She then welcomes Arjun and Alia Bhatt on her show..

Anupama interviews them:
– Why they choose to work in the movie 2 states ?

Arjun: He started first with Ishaqzaade, and that character is a violent, rash, aggressive and he is completely opposite of that in real life. After doing that, he began looking to work for a role which matches his sensibility and the one that is softer, sweeter and also that relate to his real life. And the movie 2 States from Abhishek verman completely matched his interests. He liked much the script of this movie. He speaks about the family values, its importance and concern that we have in our life. And states that the film is a balanced one taking all such family traits and traditions into account.

Alia: She had no idea about 2 states during her shooting of the movie Student of the year (SOTY). 2 States director Abhishek Verman was the creative director of SOTY. At that time, she didn’t thought to work but after reading the book 2 States, she made up her mind to work on the movie.

Arjun shares an experience of their look test for the movie. He lifted Alia by surprise upon which she became frightened. But sooner, they became comfortable. Alia says that she was in awe of Arjun kapoor during SOTY since she has watched his movie – Ishaqzaade and her film SOTY haven’t been released.

Anupama asks:
– Both of you belong to the third-generation in their family ? What benefit do you got with this family lineage ?

Arjun kapoor: He tells about his family background – movie business. and heard only business and movie economics terms in his childhood. He cites his uncle – Anil kapoor’s hardwork. He believes in working hard and respecting the dignity of his family is very important for him..

Alia: At home, her family used to not speak much about films..Mahesh Bhatt is her father only and not the director, and only after she became an actor, her father became ‘Mahesh Bhatt’ (the director)..

Anupama: She speaks about his uncle – Anil Kapoor charishma being dimished now. It has been great in the past but has been declining, she asks reasons for this ?
Arjun: He tells that nowadays actors are more commonly seen and easily accessible. But at that time, there was not much opportunity for people to meet stars/actors. Hence, the feeling to catch of glimpse of an actor is not much now.

Anupama: speaks on curiosity about his relationships that media have, also discussions are going on ? How does he handle that ?
Alia and Arjun: It doesn’t have much effect on them..
Alia: says that speculations are fine and you can’t help much.

Arjun: They need to understand carefully before writing a story which is not true on his relationships. He has stopped clarifying on his relationship with actors like Alia. They are friends. The audience is intelligent and doesn’t try to find correlations between actors’s personal and professional life.

Anupama: That he was not ambitious before, but after his mother’s demise, he became very ambitious ? How that change happen to him ?

Arjun: During his first break with YRF’s Ishaqzaade, his mother passed away. Then, he understood that by working hard he can fill that vaccum in his life. Hence, he works hard and gets lot of satisfaction with it.

Anupama speaks on the FataFata quiz:

– Favorite on-screen Jodi?
Alia and Arjun: SRK-Kajol (DDLJ, Kuch Kuch Hota Hain)

– Romantic film that broke their heart ?
Alia says – Ishaqzaade, Arjun chooses Ranjhaana

– Favorite romantic song ?
Arjun: Bol na Halke Halke from Jhoom barabar jhoom. Since, he has sentimental values and after his first break-up, he used to cry on hearing the song to deal with his break-up..
Alia: Main shayar to from the movie Bobby (1973).

– Weird reason to marry that they’ve ever heard?
Alia: To obtain a Green card (permanent residence in foreign country)
Arjun: Cites boredom as a reason

– For marrying with somebody, what are the two most important things ?
Arjun: Friendship and understanding.. Good friend is not enough.. Alia suggests Best friend..

– If you are marrying tomorrow, where you will go ?
Arjun: Very far from India as the weather is hot in India, maybe Iceland. After some persuasion, he considers her as the best friend instead of a good friend..

Anupama thanks them for coming on her show..

She speaks on a new segment – Trailer review:
In this segment, she gives her review on an upcoming movie trailer.

She speaks on the director Mohit Suri’s upcoming movie – Ek Villain starring Siddharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor. She says that the trailer shows less of the movie and hides more and she likes that quality..Siddharth Malhotra sheds his chocolate-boy image and dons a negative shade and she likes this change. Ek villain releases on 27th June 2014 and she is eagerly waiting for it.

– 2 States movie: It releases on 18th April 2014 in India.
– Last week (13th April): Star Verdict was not telecast (No new episode)

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