Sandhya saves Officer Agrima Singh by shooting the Naxal Chief in Diya Aur Baati Hum

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It was a tough time for Sandhya to aim right and shoot the right person, when Officer Agrima Singh is held captive by Roma and the Naxal Chief. Officer Singh asks Sandhya to shoot, while the Naxal Chief and Roma laugh on Sandhya’s eye sight weakness and her poor shooting skills. Officer Singh believes in Sandhya and gives her the order to shoot. Sandhya finally shoots and injures the Naxal Chief, shocking Roma. Officer Singh is saved as the other cadets also come to join Sandhya.

Officer Singh is proud of Sandhya’s intelligence and bravery. Even Zakir feels Sandhya deserves to win the Best Cadet Trophy as what she has done today, no one could have done. Zakir salutes her. Sandhya is glad that she has done a great thing for her country. Will Sandhya win the Best Cadet Trophy and a posting in Pushkar? Kavita promised Bhabho that she will help Sandhya in getting the trpohy, but she will cheat Bhabho and make sure Sandhya does not win the Best Cadet Trophy. Kavita will pressurize Officer Singh not to let Sandhya get the trophy. Will Sandhya fulfill Bhabho’s and Sooraj’s dreams? Keep watching Diya Aur Baati Hum on Star Plus.


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