Arjun blessed with Pashupatastra from Mahadev; Jayadratha (sindhuraj) abducts Draupadi

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After Lord Krishna’s intervention, Draupadi is able to feed the ancient sage Durvasa. Mahashri Durvasa blesses Draupadi and Pandavas and then leaves. In this way, Draupadi didn’t bore the brunt of Durvasa’s curse. Lord Krishna advises them to practice disguise in their Agyatvas and to shed the feeling of love and suggests them to stay in the kingdom of Raja Virat.

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Lord Krishna also tells them that he cannot help them in their agyatvas in virat’s kingdom.. Arjun is seen working towards getting Pashupatastra. He overcomes the attack from wild animal in the forest with his arrow. As there is a contention to who has killed the animal, he begins the fight with the tribal head. Arjun doesn’t matches up with the tribal head and then realizes that the head is actually Mahadev -Lord Shiv. He apologizes to Mahadev for not recognizing him. Later, also comes to know that Indradev came in the disguise of that animal. According to Mahadev and Indradev, he has successfully passed the test and Mahadev then blesses him with the power of Pashupatastra.

Shakuni hatches up the plan to kidnap Draupadi at the time when Pandavas are weak as Arjun haven’t return upto now and also a day before their travel to Agyatvas. Shakuni says as they are bounded by their words to not attack or abduct directly, then in that case he suggests to take help of Dusheela’s husband – Sindhuraj Jayadratha (duryodhan’s brother-in law) as he is not bounded and can execute the abduction. Sindhuraj comes in and the plan is to abduct Draupadi when only Nakul is there with her and all other pandavas are away. Sindhuraj then goes to abduct Draupadi, abducts and takes her away with him. Pandavas are seen running towards Draupadi to save her. It is now to be seen how Pandavas safeguard her and move on towards their Agyatvas in Virat’s Kingdom.


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